Earth-Prime #6: Hero’s Twilight Review

Writers: Jeff Hersh and Thomas Pound  

Art: Will Robson, Pablo M. Collar, John Kalisz, and Alex Sinclair  

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 21st, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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The epic conclusion to the first comic series based on TV’s Arrowverse continuity is here! Earth-Prime #6 sees the Flash’s kids, Impulse and Xs, facing the villainous Magog, who first appeared in DC lore in the Kingdom Come series from the 1990s. Not only does he face the two young speedsters, but a host of other Arrowverse heroes appear, whom many Arrowverse fans will enjoy seeing again.  Some fans may be disappointed to learn that the main story is set in 2049 rather than in the present day, but the surprise cameo at the end of the first story more than makes up for it.

The second story is set in the present-day at the A.R.G.U.S. facility and features a fan-favorite character, Cisco Ramon. A minor character, seen in the current season of The Flash appears, and this hints that she may be turning into a superhero in her own right. Cisco’s comments will have fans hearing Carlos Valdes’ voice, as the writers really nail his dialogue.


The artwork is really outstanding in Earth-Prime #6, a significant improvement from the previous issue. Notably was the appearance of Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman aka Ryan Wilder, sporting a costume that looked very similar to the Batman Beyond suit. The hall of justice looks very cool as well, and perhaps even better than how it is depicted on TV Arrowverse crossovers.

They may not have been able to secure the likeness rights of all the actors, but still provided great colors and action scenes. The second story was good, but the artwork wasn’t on the same level as the art from the previous story. Cisco in the samaroid suit did look cool though, as did the flashback panel of Team Flash fighting Savitar.


Many fans probably want to know whether the events of Earth-Prime #6 will be continued on television, or if it will spawn more comics set in the Arrowverse. The second story confirms it will continue in the Flash season 9, which will air next year, but the first story ends abruptly with a big reveal and no indication of how it will continue. They also didn’t really explain what happened to the Legends after they disappeared at the end of the Legends of Tomorrow comic.

Some readers may also be wondering why heroes like Superman and Flash did not join in to help Impulse and Xs. Was there some reason beyond just wanting them to learn a lesson? This crossover was exciting, but more explanation needed to be given, and several heroes seemed to be underutilized. Hopefully, this will spawn more Arrowverse comics in the future, especially since most of these shows have since gotten canceled anyway. What would you like to see in another Arrowverse crossover comic?


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