Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 Review

Writer: Josh Trujillo

Art: Adrián Gutiérrez, Wil Quintana, and Lucas Gattoni

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: November 29th, 2022

Jaime Reyes has a lot to juggle. Whether it’s his finals for senior year or a new villain tearing up El Paso, Jaime is always torn between two worlds. But when his worlds come crashing together at his high school graduation, nothing will ever be the same as Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 by Josh Trujillo kicks off. A message from the Reach bombards Jaime’s scarab, Khaji Da, and it starts throwing off his connection to the device. And as if that wasn’t enough, Jaime’s parents and friends are pressuring him about his next steps in life. But what’s hidden here on Earth that’s drawing the Reach back? And where did this new Fadeaway Man come from? Can Jaime find balance in his life and rise to become a true hero, or is it curtains for Blue Beetle? Let’s dive in and find out!

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After the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, there may be that lingering sensation to check out some of the random heroes that you’ve seen throughout a few of the tie-ins. Well, look no further than Blue Beetle which has been off the market for quite some time now. What has Jaime Reyes been up to lately? What’s new in his life? Glad you asked! As Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 by Josh Trujillo kicks off, readers get a quick dose of Jaime’s comings and goings placing him at a crossroads in his life. Yet, readers will quickly discover that this crossroad is happening in his actual life just as much as his superhero life too!

Additionally, Trujillo provides this almost Peter Parker Spider-Man vibe that somewhat resonates throughout the entire issue of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1. The relentlessly late, always putting others first, and dealing with the consequences motif that drives Spidey seems to parallel Blue Beetle well in this week’s edition. In terms of story beats, the foundation is laid but the larger, more pulsating story involving the Reach may be a bit “out of reach” for quite some time. In the short term, we get a new location, new possible villains, and new story beats that are long overdue. In the long term, I think Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 fortifies the overarching story well and locks in rather dynamic forces for the future of this comic, the character, and possibly the entire DC Comics landscape.


The first thing I noticed was the feeling the illustrations and colors suggested. In fact, what normally makes a comic more for a young audience is the renderings and color design. This appeal is why people flocked to shows like Family Guy or even Spongebob because the design didn’t match up with the dialogue. Now, that’s certainly not the case here. In fact, it’s quite the opposite which is why the tone instantly appeals more to teens. However, it’s the deep purple and orange color saturations on each page that provide an incredibly vivid story that should lock audiences into the heart of the narrative.

Moreover, it’s the cartoonish look of even Superman and Batman that deescalates the tone of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 and makes the comic easy to read. Now, fans can instantly tell that this is the creative team’s intent. However, I was a bit disappointed that fans don’t get a more raw and realistic look at Jaime, especially with him now graduating. Plus, the future of the series seems rather interesting and possibly violent if there is a war with the Reach on the horizon. And if that’s the case, the premise of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 could have taken a heavy turn for the character and provided a much more darker feel showcasing the character’s maturity in the process. Nevertheless, Adrián Gutiérrez does exactly what was expected and provides the perfect tone for a younger audience.


Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 felt a bit flat in terms of action this week but most certainly piled on the speculations. Readers are quickly caught up to the current Blue Beetle status quo while also seeing the tea leaves ahead of time for another possible Summer event. Moreover, young fans will most certainly connect to Jaime providing these new, younger fans with a means of dipping their toe in the pool with something a bit more of their steam yet still might have some heavy implications down the line.

So, should I get it? Well, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 seems like a perfect jumping-on point for new fans interested in diving into the character. Long-time Blue Beetle fans will still find a little something to wet their whistle, however, it’s more of the overarching concepts and possibilities that will drive these long-time fans to continue. Moreover, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 is also offered entirely in Spanish which is absolutely fantastic! So, I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re a Blue Beetle fan or more on the younger side. Otherwise, this is probably a rock-hard pass.


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