Black Adam #1 Review

Writer: Christopher Priest

Art:  Rafa Sandoval and Irvin Rodriguez

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 21st, 2022

No mercy. No forgiveness. No grace. This is the harsh reality of BLACK ADAM and the one he must endure as he discovers that he’s been infected by an incurable sickness that can even kill an immortal. How will BLACK ADAM survive? Can he survive? Well, it seems possible but only if Teth-Adam finds a path towards transferring his abilities to a worthy beneficiary. Yet, this transfer will most certainly come with some costs and consequences. Let’s dive into BLACK ADAM #1 by Christopher Priest as we walk a new aisle with an old character everyone loves to hate. Who better than Priest to take us on this journey and investigation?

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As opening issues go, BLACK ADAM #1 was a bit messy and somewhat complicated. Characters were not introduced thoroughly enough, situations were just thrust into the lap of the reader, and villains were showcased leaving fans to comb through the comic multiple times for understanding. Nevertheless, even though BLACK ADAM #1 opened ice-cold, Christopher Priest still managed to wiggle out a rather interesting story as this first installment wrapped. Some of the puzzle pieces connect together as issue one comes to a close providing fans with a rather intriguing direction as the new BLACK ADAM series takes off.


Rafa Sandoval and Matt Herms compliment Priest’s writing extremely well. These two make the narrative flow well and provide some incredibly dynamic illustrations that deliver a unique spark to the issue. As BLACK ADAM fights Darkseid, take notice of the power behind every punch as well as the movement of the characters. Sandoval orchestrates some stellar opening pages that instantly grab the reader’s attention and ultimately are the reason this reviewer continued reading through to the end. However, fans should be aware that it’s these opening pages that furnish the most “life” within BLACK ADAM #1 yet complicate and confuse as the issue unfolds. Nevertheless, after the opening pages, the courtroom drama and hospital environment tone the issue down and makes this inaugural installment slide in a bit flat.


Thanks to Sandoval, BLACK ADAM #1 ignites with power and explodes out of the gate. However, it’s Priest’s story that confuses us as readers are quickly introduced to a variety of characters and plot threads without much introduction or explanation. Luckily, as BLACK ADAM #1 comes to a close, readers will be able to sift through some of the complications with just enough intrigue as the cliffhanger adds the perfect lightning strike to spark readers’ interest for issue two.

As the first issue goes, I wish there was more clarity and more action to hook fans out of the gate, especially for fans new to Priest’s writing. However, looking at past practice, I have no doubt the story will gain clarity and structure as BLACK ADAM continues to unfold. So, I recommend sticking with the series for at least two more issues to get your feet wet before moving on. But, clarity is the key in order to keep this reviewer reading. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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