Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 Review

Writer: Sean Murphy  

Art: Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart (colorist)

Publisher: DC comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 28th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 continues Sean Murphy’s re-imagining of the Batman Beyond mythos in his fresh, unique way. In this issue, we get more insight into what happened to Terry’s father in this version, which is somewhat similar to how it happened in the show. Readers will be interested to see how Bruce’s dog Ace, otherwise known as Bat-hound, is introduced in a surprising way.

This issue also shows us the futuristic flying Batmobile seen in the show. Plus, there is conflict between Dick and Barbara, as more information about their past relationship is revealed. Readers might be left wondering what Terry’s relationship with Derek Powers is supposed to be. Does he really trust Powers or does he have other reasons for working with him?


The art is amazing, in Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4, particularly in one of the last pages, as Terry walks away from his father’s grave, the Batman Beyond insignia is plastered over his face, as he shows his determination to fight against evil and corruption. The design of neo-Gotham is very reflective of the show, showing the techno-centric era of the new generation of Gothamites.


While Batman: Beyond the White Knight #4 is very exciting, it is left unclear as to how the story will proceed. This is supposed to segue into a spinoff about the Red Hood, but are they leaving the story open-ended, pausing it, or will these events continue in a new title? It seems like the story is just getting started and it would be a shame if it just ended. It’s doubtful they are going that route, but hopefully, we’ll see more of the Tomorrow Knight soon!


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