Batman ’89 #6 Review

Writer: Sam Hamm

Art: Joe Quinones and Leonardo Ito

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 5th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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Picking up where the previous issue left off after Two-Face shot Gordon, the dualistic desperado faces a confrontation with Batman. Catwoman and Drake Winston help Batman. Batman ’89 #6 is the thrilling conclusion to the further adventures in the world of the Tim Burton Batman universe.

The conclusion to the story is more focused on psychology than anything else, but it makes sense, considering the fractured psyche of Two-Face. We see cameos from other mobsters never shown in the Burton films and get more closure on the relationship between Bruce and Selina, expanded upon the events of Batman Returns. Fans may be disappointed about the loss of a well-known ally to Batman though.


The art is great in Batman ’89 #6. Quinones captures the likenesses of Keaton, Pfeiffer, Williams, and Gough very well, as well as the general gothic feel of Tim Burton’s Gotham City.

There are even a couple of panels drawn to mimic scenes from Batman the animated series, as well as Bruce Timm’s Two-Face-centric comic story, “Two of a Kind”.  Eagle-eyed fans may even spot a picture in Barbara Gordon’s apartment that is a tribute to Yvonne Craig, the original actress to play Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the 1960s Batman television series.


Batman ’89 #6 is a good wrap-up to this series, though it seems like it could have been expanded upon more. For instance, it would’ve been nice to hear more about Catwoman’s psychiatrist, potentially setting the stage for a sequel series. It also seems like the prospect of Barbara becoming Batgirl is slim to none in this universe, but you never know. A spinoff of Catwoman and Barbara working together would be very interesting for sure. It would be cool if DC gave us more of this Batman in the future. Perhaps a future series could show Robin Williams as the Riddler since he was once rumored to play the Riddler opposite Keaton’s Batman.


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