Avengers Forever #6 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: Jim Towe and Guru-eFX
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 1st, 2022

King Killmonger, a nearly-omnipotent alternate universe version of Killmonger (wearing the Destroyer’s armor!), continues his quest to destroy Wakanda in every universe in Avengers Forever #6.  One universe’s T’Challa, who sees his Earth die, is obsessed with getting revenge on King Killmonger, and the stage is set for an epic conflict across space and the multiverse.

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The Story

If you want to see a totally different and insane (in a good way) version of Black Panther, Avengers Forever #6 delivers.
Sure, King Killmonger is a massive threat, battering through opponents in his invincible Destroyer armor and commanding a fleet of multiverse traveling ships armed to the teeth, but ultimately, he’s an uninteresting villain.  Compared to Thanos, he’s shallow and has no pathos.

But this version of T’Challa is amazing.  Jason Aaron created this T’Challa like a master chef, mixing ingredients from various concepts to forge him.  This T’Challa takes a bit from Superman’s origin, some of his power set from Iron Man and Spider-Man, and his modus operandi from Batman.
The bulk of the issue takes place on the Shi’ar Throneworld, where we get to see T’Challa in action as King Killmonger launches an assault on the planet.   T’Challa is more like Spider-Man than Black Panther, having forged vibranium armor for himself that shoots energy webs.

The armor looks fantastic, one of the best designs I’ve seen in ages, and T’Challa’s fighting style is a mixture of the traditional Black Panther fighting style combined with Spider-Man’s webbing blasts. This is what I love about exploring the Marvel multiverse.  Not only do we get alternate versions of many of the characters, but we also get WAY different versions of them.  I never thought I’d enjoy watching T’Challa take out enemies with webbing, but damn does it look cool.

And the War Panthers are visually striking as well, each looking very much like the character White Tiger and wielding lightsaber-style energy swords.  At times, it feels like T’Challa has dropped into the Star Wars universe, as we get so many space vessels and energy swords, and it’s all wonderfully epic.  When you’re exploring the multiverse, go big or go home!

There are a ton of great action and fight scenes, including a climactic showdown between T’Challa and King Killmonger, both of whom are brutal and not holding back, and the issue ends with a great cliffhanger.
It’ll be fun seeing this version of T’Challa join up with the multiversal Avengers team (who briefly appear at the end of the issue).  So far, this book’s building a great team that I hope still has many more new members to come.

The Art

Jim Towe’s art on Avengers Forever #6 is a perfect showcase for this version of T’Challa.  T’Challa’s armor is a beautiful design and his webbing and other weaponry are drawn in vivid detail.

The Shi’ar Throneworld architecture and King Killmonger’s fleet of massive space vessels all give the feeling of being in the midst of a conflict in another universe.
The fight scenes are bombastic and fun, with some great choreography as T’Challa constantly fights multiple opponents simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

Avengers Forever #6 introduces a fascinating variant of the T’Challa we know, and sets up a great cliffhanger ending that will pull the other multiversal Avengers into this epic story.



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