Amazing Spider-Man #88 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells

Artist: Michael Dowling

Color Artist: Bryan Valenza

Cover Artists: Arthur Adams & Alejandro Sanchez

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Peter Parker is getting back to being a superhero, but while he was out of commission Ben Reilly took over as Spider-Man with the Beyond Corporation backing him. But after learning some dark truths about the company, Beyond has taken measures to erase Ben’s mind of that information. But in the process, they may have erased a bit more than they should’ve and now Beyond is going to great lengths in Amazing Spider-Man #88 to ensure those secrets never go public.

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So, after a dozen of issues or so, the comic is finally going full-throttle with showing not only how shady but villainous the Beyond Corporation really is in this issue. Maxine Danger, head of their superhero division, has gone full evil business executive as she takes things into overdrive to clean up what Doctor Octopus started when he took their drive of secrets. And as readers will see here, she’s willing to unleash a new super-villainess on New York to do it.

This issue of Amazing Spider-Man is where we get the debut of the Queen Goblin, and she’s okay. I like her look, she certainly fits the bill of looking like a female Goblin who’s out to raise some hell without looking like the Ultimate Green Goblin. However, the comic doesn’t reveal her secret identity, but I’ll get into all of that in the Spoilers section. Either way, Queen Goblin is an attack dog sent by Maxine to hunt down Janine who meets with Mary Jane after the events of Mary Jane and Black Cat #1 to reveal Beyond’s secrets. But Beyond also sent Spider-Man, too.

The writing by Zeb Wells is pretty on point as he nails the personalities between everyone, especially Maxine, he goes all the way with her super-villainy. The pacing and action between Queen Goblin’s attack and Ben’s fight with her is solid as well, the art by _ is good but the fight is missing a bit of energy to it. Sadly, the fight between Ben Reilly and Queen Goblin doesn’t last that long, but there is danger afoot by the end when you see why it cuts so quickly.


Now, let’s get into Spoilers about Queen Goblin. Let me be upfront, I was already piecing together who this new supervillainess could be while I was reading the issue. I was theorizing who she could be, how they could possibly have done it, and putting together the clues we’ve been given in the comics. However, while I was putting all of the pieces together trying to figure out who Queen Goblin could be, I found out Marvel screwed up again.

It turns out Marvel had unwittingly spoiled Queen Goblin’s secret identity already months ago. Someone told me that Queen Goblin’s true identity was revealed in concept art for the character that was officially released by Marvel to hype up Queen Goblin months ago. The worst part is that it’s a variant cover for this very issue of all things, where she makes her big debut. And they didn’t take it down or anything. Well, after years of Marvel and DC Comics spoiling their own events and big mysteries, you’d think they had learn by now. But they didn’t.

I won’t say who she is, but if you’re curious you can look up yourself to find out who Queen Goblin is, or you can wait until the main series reveals it. The choice is yours. Personally, the reveal instantly fit my theory about who the villainess is, and I’m satisfied. However, I’d still like to know more, so my interest in Queen Goblin is still there. At this point, it’s all up to how Zeb Wells and the Beyond Board write Queen Goblin in future issues.

Final Thoughts:

Amazing Spider-Man #88 has Ben Reilly face off against the new Queen Goblin. So far, Queen Goblin is fine, she has a cool look thanks to the art team, but that’s about it right now. It also doesn’t help that Marvel accidentally spoiled her secret identity, so the mystery’s gone. But the rest of the story is still fine as we learn more of the Beyond Corporation. Hopefully, the action with Queen Goblin picks up in the next issue.


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