Amazing Spider-Man #63 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Federico Vicentini

Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Cover Artists: Mark Bagley, John Dell & Edgar Delgado

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

It’s a mob war! Or at least, it’s starting to become one. We see fists and emotions flare in this comic as Spidey tries to help keep Boomerang alive while a forbidden romance stirs once again between two rival families. Amazing Spider-Man #63 shows the repercussions of this union and what effects it has on Spider-Man.

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So, Spider-Man is trying to stop New York’s criminal underworld from killing Boomerang, now that it’s been unleashed by the Kingpin. What we really get here is Wilson Fisk pulling out his master plan and calling the shots as the main villain again, not Kindred or anyone else. The comic shows him calling favors with characters readers might not expect to see, all for his major endgame. But that’s going to take a back seat to what this comic and its cover really want to cover.

The drama of Randy Robertson and Janice Lincoln, the current Beetle, especially the blood feud between their fathers takes center stage. If this sounds like Romeo and Juliet but in Spider-Man, don’t worry, Nick Spencer makes it abundantly clear he is aware of this in the comic. The thing is everything in this comic becomes secondary to this point. We see both of them confronted by their fathers. Robbie is clearly upset and makes some rather reasonable arguments about why Randy probably shouldn’t be seeing her.

One problem though, is the duality of the two fathers’ conversations and the tone of the rest of the comic shifts the same way. See, Robbie’s argument with his son is played pretty straight and serious. While Tombstone’s argument with his daughter is played up more for laughs and doesn’t last nearly as long as Robbie’s scene. This continues with the rest of the comic after that. The comic shows how the two met, and it’s….pretty brief and treated very casual.

There’s just this comedic tone played throughout the rest of the comic when it comes to these two, from their interactions with their friends, the relationship advice, and even when the two are together. It’s all played up like something out of a cheesy rom-com flick or an episode from Friends. Hopefully, Nick Spencer isn’t planning to make this the heart of this story arc and uses it as a subplot.

Also, their romance isn’t the most compelling thing to invest in. The comedic and frankly nonchalant tone of their interactions as this ‘will they, won’t they’ doesn’t help. Plus, Spencer hasn’t really showed them bond together throughout the series. We only got one glimpse in the Syndicate Six story arc and that’s that. All anyone has to go on is that arc and this one.

Final Thoughts:

Amazing Spider-Man #63 wears its Romeo and Juliet influence pretty obviously with Randy and The Beetle. In fact, it’s almost like Nick Spencer is saying not to take it too seriously when they become the focus of the comic. Unfortunately, everything takes a back seat to their drama, including Spider-Man, and their relationship isn’t that compelling. Hopefully, this stays a subplot in the rest of the upcoming issues.


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