Alien #2 Review

Writers: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Art: Salvador Larroca

Colors: Guru eFX

Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 4/21/21
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Following a successful issue #1, Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues the horror show with Aliens #2. Ladies and gentlemen, we are finally off of Earth and trapped in a space lab. On one hand, this comic would be PERFECT to be released in September/October. On the other hand, it’s the Xenomorphs! Do they need a timeframe? Let’s see what is going on up there in space!

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It is not too often that we read about older characters being teased due to their age. Maybe that is because all of our characters are living in comic book time (meaning Carol Danvers is the same age as she was when she first appeared in that hideous red outfit). This issue deals with the idea of age. Gabriel is retired. I’m talking about drawing a pension type of retired. He could open his comic shop if he wanted to (my plans for the future). For him to be drawn out of retirement to go on one final mission, is something we do not see too often in mainstream comics. Of course, in various multiverses, this happens fairly often, but again, not in the mainline comics. The idea of the world’s best hitman coming out of retirement for one last hoorah, is seen primarily in movies (Red anybody?). We see the issue if Gabriel’s age played out in a handful of panels. It would be fascinating to see Johnson take this seemingly small detail and amplify it.


This age-old duality of the father and the prodigal son is the main vehicle for this issue. Our main protagonist happens to be in space due to his son’s extremism. Johnson does an amazing job of laying out the emotional tension between Gabriel and his son Danny. From what we have learned so far, Gabriel is a good father to his slightly spoiled and uptight son. What I would like to see more in comic books across the board is the opposite of what we as the reader expect. For instance, instead of Cyclops leaving Emma for Jean, I would like to see him remain with Emma. That is something that we would not be expecting. Similarly, after the stunt that Danny pulls, I would love to see Gabriel leave him in the wind. It adds more of a soap drama esque feel to everything.

Final Thoughts:

This is a horror comic. I am talking blood, death, and Face Hugger’s horror. I love it. I made the mistake of reading this issue in the middle of the day (that’s when you’re safe right?). Never again. To fully immerse yourself in this reality…to truly appreciate Larroca’s gift of bringing to life sci-fi monsters, you should read this at 10:00 PM. The fear factor will be ramped up to 50 and you will be looking at your ceiling wondering if “it’s right on top of you!” if you are on the edge of picking up this comic, it is not too late. So far, I am liking what I am reading and would 100% recommend anyone to go to their LCS and pick up a copy.


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