X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 Review

Writer: Si Spurrier

Art: Phil Noto and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $4.99

Release Date: May 3rd, 2023

A man of innumerable personalities and powers vs. the most powerful artificial intelligence in this universe: Legion vs. Nimrod! With Nightcrawler in Orchis’ clutches, David Haller and his allies will have to confront the mastermind who destroyed Warlock and nearly took Krakoa with him as X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 by Si Spurrier begins to unfold. But Nightcrawler is not himself… and Legion’s allies aren’t all they seem to be either. Mutant monsters roam the Earth… Banshee, broken once again, dreams of lost vengeance… Mother Righteous, her role in Sins of Sinister unrevealed, takes another stab at universal control… Si Spurrier and Phil Noto usher in new status quos for some of your favorite X-Men in this can’t-miss one-shot!

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I feel this entire week of comics from the big two companies have begun with incredibly confusing cold opens. And X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. As fans begin this installment, they will no doubt be mesmerized by the smooth, almost painted design from this creative team. However, they’ll find themselves scratching their heads as they tag along with the in-depth narration that provides little feedback and explanation to open the issue.

Now, as the story progresses, X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 becomes a tad bit more clear as readers discover Legion attempting to run simulations against Nimrod in order to find a way to defeat him. Additionally, this storyline is taking place after the events of Sins of Sinister with clues dropped towards Professor X having parts of Sinister DNA still woven within. Yet the clarity of the story came with the typed “review” document/ section of the narrative. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for it. However, why not tell the story in a way where a summary of events that took place before the issue and in the beginning is actually told with clarity outright as the story begins?

Either way, with the document, readers iron out what Legion is doing and why with a little help from Mother Righteous as well. So, the rescue mission begins to recover a monstrous Nightcrawler led by Legion and Mother Righteous. However, as readers continue to uncover the events laid out in X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1, fans won’t be able to shake this feeling that Mother Righteous is most certainly up to something a bit more diabolical. However, masked between the big words and confusing contexts, readers will leave this issue with little answers and direction.


Phil Noto is a freakin’ wizard. Every page and design looks absolutely gorgeous. Noto’s colors are vibrant and smooth while his linework is almost elegant and fluid creating this style that appears almost like moving portraits. Moreover, each page is soft and grounded with his own polished sense of realism. I find myself almost becoming lost in almost anything this guy draws making this one of the highlights of X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1.


So, what does this oversized issue of X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 tell us? Honestly, very little. Now, I’m sure it sprinkled in some clues for future events with Legion, Nightcrawler, Nimrod, and Mother Righteous. But, Spurrier’s confusing narration and storytelling in hopes to make this issue deeper than it needed to be caused this reviewer to struggle on multiple read-throughs. His structure is odd, and fragmented, yet still inspired by its context.

Readers, Spurrier is a lot to handle, and X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 would be extremely difficult to dive into without knowledge of Spurrier’s style, tones, and of course Legion of X and Sins of Sinister. Therefore, if you venture into this comic looking for something new to wet your whistle, I think you’ll be mildly confused, to say the least considering I have half a mind to know what I think is going on anyway! Fans of Legion of X will love the heck out of X-Men: Before the Fall – Sons of X #1 and should most certainly pick this bad boy up. Let me know what you think, have a great week, and God Bless!


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