Wolverine #10 Review

Synopsis: WOLVERINE gets into a jam with his old Team X compatriot MAVERICK… but the reunion won’t last long if they can’t break free of the LEGACY HOUSE!

Parental Advisory

Writer: Ben Percy

Art: Adam Kubert


Price: $3.99

Release Date: February 24th, 2021


When a couple of former Team X members get together in a hostile situation what do you get?? A whole lot of action! Let’s head not to Krakoa, but Madripoor and see what trouble Wolverine and Maverick are into!

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As Wolverine has broken through Maverick’s reprogramming it takes a couple of pages for him to regain his fighting form

After that, it’s pure comic action. A fight that could be right out of a James Bond or Mission Impossible movie. Throw in a lush background of a superbly drawn and colored Madripoor by Adam Kubert and Frank Martin and we’ve got ourselves an action movie vibe happening for sure!

After the battle dies down we get down to the nitty-gritty of the book which is much slower-paced but extremely interesting. Maverick and Logan each give their best sales pitches to each other. What they pitch to each other shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to readers. How Ben Percy writes this and how the art show it is very well done. It comes off as a real conversation actually would.

And as readers of my reviews may have come to expect, here’s a variant cover that Adam Kubert did as an homage to his dad. Follow him on Twitter for the reference drawing, as well as other great comic-type stuff!

Final Thoughts:

In the ever-expanding list of the X book line, Wolverine continues to be a favorite of this reviewer. A roster page of two does me just fine with a well-written story and great art, and that’s exactly what we get here. A page-turner for sure, issue 10 left me wanting more. Now I count down the days to issue 11.


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  1. I honestly can’t wait to see what comes of Maverick and his new team in this title, and I loved the rapport between Wolverine and Maverick. Hopefully, we see something come of Wolverine’s missing hand later in the series.

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