The Jurassic League #5 Review

Writers: Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson
Art: Juan Gedeon with Mike Spicer (colorist)
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 13th, 2022

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As we saw last issue, the Dark Embryo has hatched, revealed to be Darkyloseid, the dinosaur version of Darkseid! He sets his sights on Trymyscira, Wonderdon’s home. The fight between Wonderdon and Darkyloseid is pretty epic, including some dinosaur armor. Aside from the fight, we see some character development in Supersaur. In the beginning, he seems unsure of himself at best, cowardly at worst. The Jurassic League #5 shows him finding strength and courage, thanks to a pivotal moment in his life. Also, Batsaur appears to bond more with the human child he is carrying, as they are able to understand each other somewhat.


The artwork doesn’t disappoint in The Jurassic League #5 either. There are some great scenes with Wonderdon vs Darkyloseid, Supersaur joining the fight, and Batsaur swooping down on the villainous dinosaurs. This issue’s cover doesn’t really fit with the story contained therein though. We’ve already seen Darkyloseid eat the Reverse Flash dinosaur, Jokerzard doesn’t have a huge role in this issue, and the Flash dinosaur only has a cameo.


The Jurassic League #5 had some great fight scenes and good character development for the major heroes. It sets up the final confrontation between Darkyloseid and the entire Jurassic League for the next issue, and it gives us motive for why the heroes are inspired to fight evil. It does leave you wondering if Jokerzard will end up having a bigger role, or if he only thinks he will. What do you think will happen in the conclusion?


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