The Jurassic League #3 Review

Writer: Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson

Art: Rafa Garrés and Mike Spicer (colorist)  

Publisher: DC comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 19th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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The Jurassic League #3 opens with dinosaur versions of the Flash and Green Lantern, dubbed Flashraptor and Green Torch respectively. They seem to bring more humor to the story, particularly more than the other characters. If you like violent dinosaurs trying to eat each other, this is definitely the book for you.

There is a lot of that happening in this issue. It is interesting that Supersaur is the only one of the dinosaurs who apparently is capable of understanding the humans. Batsaur attempting to interrogate the villains in some of the most brutal ways was funny, showing his baser instincts. This contrasts nicely with Wonderdon’s gentler approach.


Readers who have been following this series from the beginning will notice subtle changes in the art style. Rafa Garrés uses darker outlining in The Jurassic League #3 and it makes Spicer’s colors stand out more, giving it a more primitive feel. It really makes it stand out from the typical Justice League titles.

Even the way some of the onomatopoeia words are shown, they are often written in a “bumpy” type of font, really selling that idea that we are in the Jurassic era.


The Jurassic League #3 is sure fun for those who like Elseworlds-type stories, as well as those who are fans of dinosaur movies. There is a lot of biting. It probably would’ve been helpful if they either chose another villain besides Brontozarro to give the monologue about the Dark Embryo or changed the font since he was being compelled to the lasso of truth. The backward letters plus “primitive” font style can make his dialogue difficult to read. What are your thoughts on who the Dark Embryo could be? A dinosaur version of Darkseid perhaps? And what type of dinosaur do you think it will be? Sound off in the comments!


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