The Flash #772 Review

WRITER: Jeremy Adams
ARTIST: Will Conrad
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE DATE: July 20th, 2021

A fresh start for Wally West and his family. After all the time travel and retconning of the previous story, we start to settle into a new direction for the Flash.

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The West family is settling into their new home and Status Quo. Even the fastest man alive needs a job to pay the bills that come with raising a family. At first, Wally tries his hand at being a mechanic (a nice call back to the Geoff Johns Flash run). Soon In an amusing coincidence, he learns he is actually working for superhero Mr. Terrific. Terrific offers Wally a new job better suited to his super-speed abilities. Meanwhile, long-time Flash rogue Heatwave gets some bad news and decides to maybe go out in a blaze of glory (pun intended).

Flash #772 feels retro but in a good way. A nice day in the life type story. While some Flash fans were never a fan of Wally getting a family, here they help differentiate from fellow Flash Barry Allen. Like an old-fashioned Peter Parker trying to pay the bills while still being a superhero kinda way. Finding out that Mr. Terrific owns a franchise of auto repair shops is great. Most times the rich superheroes just seem to have money without any detailed explanation of how they get their money.


The art here is great. It appears the Wally Flash costume doesn’t have those awful yellow lines that Jim Lee gave the Flash at the start of the New 52. As well Wally’s Flash mask covers his face more than Barry’s did. It gives this costume a distinct look. I know this is not really a new costume for Wally but the art in Flash #772 gives it a nice spin. A special mention should be given to colorist Alex Sinclair. The bright coloring helps make the Flash costume pop and stand out.


Flash #772 is a great starting point in the next chapter for Wally West and his family. His new job has the potential to lead to some interesting directions. You don’t need to have read the previous storyline in order to dive right in, which I highly recommend.


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