Superman Red and Blue #1 Review

Writer: John Ridley, Wes Craig, Brandon Easton, Dan Waters, and Marguerite Bennett

Art: Clayton Henry, Wes Craig, Steve Lieber, Dani, Jill Thompson, and Gary Frank

Publisher: DC COMICS

Price: $5.99

Release Date: March 16th, 2021


This series is going to be something special. Before I begin, if you’re a diehard SUPERMAN fan and are even remotely on the fence about getting this issue, just dive in. It’s unbelievable. The best way to summarize this issue of SUPERMAN RED AND BLUE #1 is that each individual story focuses on the specific characteristics and attributes of what makes SUPERMAN so super. Now, I could dive into details on each story and bore you all to death. Or, I could just pick a sampling from the narratives that I personally loved the best and attack the issue that way. So, let me offer you my favorites and simply say that you need to grab this issue and add the series to your pull list.

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The first story was lights out and possibly my favorite of the issue. Simply put: Superman is imprisoned for 8 months. Not by Darkseid, Lex Luthor, or Mongul. But my a simple Human General from Lubania around the time of the Cold War. John Ridley uses his story as a tool to focus on SUPERMAN’S humility, vulnerability, and how even the strongest being in the world can succumb under the right circumstances. The sheer power of this narrative was amazing. You need to check it out!


Brandon Easton tells a story that’s more down-to-earth about hope and what Superman provides to those around him. It’s a touching story that involves an unrelated tragedy to Superman, yet he feels directly responsible, which is the make-up of a true superhero and what classically defines SUPERMAN. It shows SUPERMAN’S compassion and kindness that’s unrivaled to almost any character created in comics. Some may argue THE FLASH as “hope” yet the Man of Steel’s symbol alone stands for just that.


Like anyone else, the Man of Steel needs inspiration. And even a brand new, unstoppable superhero crossing fresh terrain can run into a problem here and there. Well, this story signifies that anyone can be a hero, even if it’s to SUPERMAN himself. Inspiration comes in a variety of ways and ultimately, no one is above anyone else in this crazy mixed-up world. It’s what makes humanity so unique. It’s also probably what God sees in all of us. Even with so much bad in the world, there are still those who inspire even with their back against the world. This story merely showed the true courage and strength within the human spirit, as well as the driving force behind what makes SUPERMAN truly tick. What an excellent story by Wes Craig.


True heroes are created by their experiences. They take it all in, self-reflect, make difficult choices, and live with the consequences. Many people view SUPERMAN as all-power, indestructible, and unbridled. And sure, these “could” all be true if not for his character and upbringing. And that fine readers is the purpose of this issue and possibly this series of SUPERMAN RED AND BLUE. Clark didn’t become SUPERMAN overnight. He’s made questionable choices, has been filled with ego and pride, and still makes mistakes like anyone else.

However, it’s not his abilities that make him the hero everyone loves and admires. It’s his character and heart that make him SUPERMAN. This issue with all its wonderful stories and writers hammers that point home masterfully. Mark my words: awards are in the future for a few of these stories steeped with so much passion and creativity for the character. I truly can’t wait for the next issue and sincerely hope everyone gives this a solid look. Let me know what you think, have a super week, and God Bless!


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