Static Team-Up: Anansi #1 Review

Writer: Evan Narcisse
Art: Charles Stewart III and Luis Guerrero (colorist)
Publisher: DC comics/Milestone
Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 13th, 2023

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In Static Team-Up: Anansi #1, Static joins forces with the African hero, Anansi. Originally created for the Static Shock animated series, part of the DC animated universe, Anansi officially makes his mainstream DC universe appearance in this comic. His introduction is brilliantly done. There is even a Spider-Man reference, just like in the show. Static and Anansi play well off each other, similar to their interaction in the show. Fans who have seen those episodes will likely hear Phil Lamarr and Carl Lumbly’s voices in their heads as they read the dialogue. This issue also sees the mainstream debut of Anansi’s villains, Osebo the leopard and Onini the snake, though they don’t seem to be intelligent beings like in the show. It also did a good job of explaining African folklore and how it relates to Anansi.


The art in Static Team-Up: Anansi #1 is very well done. There a lot of bright colors, particularly representing Anansi’s magic powers. The page that first shows Anansi depicts him in the heroic manner that he is meant to be seen in. The artists did a good job of making him appear like his animated counterpart. There’s a great full page of Anansi showing Static other worlds within the Milestone multiverse, as well as a great panel of Static and Anansi joining forces to fight crime. The ending hints at the return of Static’s arch-nemesis Ebon, who made a subtle appearance (in voice, not form) at the end of Static Season One #6.


Those enjoyed the Static Shock animated series, and in particular the episodes, “Static in Africa” and “Out of Africa” will definitely enjoy Static Team-Up: Anansi #1. The characters are depicted true to form, as they are in the show. While this comic isn’t canon with the show, it is easy for readers to tell that a lot of inspiration has been taken from it. It is an exciting story that blends superheroes and fantasy with some history and folklore, to not only be an entertaining read, but an educational one as well.


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