Spawn #318 Review

Writer:  Todd McFarlane

Art: Carlo Barberi

Publisher: Image Comics


Release Date: May 26, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer


Spawn #318 written by Todd McFarlane with art by Carlo Barberi begins after Spawn & Medieval Spawn escape the island where they had been battling Omega Spawn. Weak and unsure about his new alliance with Medieval Spawn, Al contemplates his next move. After finding C-Gor “hanging like a piece of meat”, Al confronts Jessica & Marc about their commitment in their battle against both heaven and hell. 

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Spawn #318” is a set-up/prelude issue for the upcoming “Spawn’s Universe” one-shot as well as for the new Spawn titles coming later this fall. This issue is being solicited as a good “jumping on” point for new readers who are interested in checking out the upcoming expanded “Spawn-Verse” – I disagree. If you’re not currently reading Spawn, then Spawn #318  is not the place to start. There’s very little explanation about what has come before in recent storylines and readers will be confused by the lack of description about the characters who appear in this issue.

Who is Jessica (She-Spawn)? Who (or what) is Medieval Spawn?  Who is Marc? Why is Cy-Gor being tortured? These are just some of the questions that will leave new readers scratching their heads. For current Spawn readers – in my opinion, this issue was just okay. The story by Todd McFarlane is average at best. It came across as a “filler” issue to this reviewer with not much meat to keep my interest. Where this issue does shine is in the artwork. Carlo Barberi gives us another visual gem throughout with very nice coloring by Jay David Ramos & Andrew Dalhouse. 


Spawn #318 is visually worth the price of admission. As a matter of fact, it is worth noting that Spawn is STILL $2.99 and Todd McFarlane is to be commended for “holding the line at 2.99” – unlike other comic book companies! If you’re a Spawn fan and have been reading the recent storyline I would say – pick this up. Just don’t expect any big battles scenes or new revelations. If you’re not currently reading Spawn, my recommendation would be to wait for the new “Spawn’s Universe” one-shot and the new #1 titles coming out this fall.  


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