Shadowman #1 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Art: Jon Davis-Hunt, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Valiant Comics


Release Date: April 28th, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

Shadowman is back!

Shadowman #1 (April 2021) written by Cullen Bunn with artwork by Jon Davis-Hunt is a fun mix of horror and super-heroics that longtime fans, as well as new readers, will enjoy. Jack Boniface returns once again as Shadowman, a man possessed of the “Shadow Loa” (voodoo spirit) that has been passed down through his lineage, to protect the world from the demons of the “Deadside.”  

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Since his first appearance in Shadowman #1 (May 1992), there have been certain aspects of the character and book that define him, and Bunn has remained faithful to those things that make the character a fan favorite. This is not some “new and improved” or “re-defined” Shadowman. This is the Shadowman longtime fans want to see. It is also a great “jumping on” issue for new readers. Although Shadowman has a long and rich history, Bunn gives us just enough background on the character that new readers will clearly understand what is happening. Plus, Valiant’s use of a short synopsis of the character on the credits page is very helpful.  

The story is very straightforward with Bunn setting the stage for future issues, as well as showing readers the basic mission of the Shadowman – stop demons in the “Deadside” from entering our realm. The artwork by Davis-Hunt is well done and has enough detail to enhance the overall story. Shadowman looks like… Shadowman – no redesign here. However, Davis-Hunt did work in a few “tweaks” that enhance the look of the character for this new series.


Overall, this is a great issue for old and new readers alike. It’s filled with just enough character development and action to satisfy, and also supply artwork that complements the story. If you are a former reader who hasn’t read Shadowman in a long time, or if you’ve never read a past issue but have an interest in learning about this character – check out this inaugural tale! I for one am looking forward to what is in store for Shadowman in this new series.


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