Seven Secrets #12 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Daniele Di Nicuolo

Colorist: Walter Baiamonte w/ Katia Ranalli

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 15, 2021

Reviewer: JR Huitt


I’m sorry, but I’m about to spoil the biggest secret in the room.  Tom Taylor writes the hell out of this book.  Published by Boom! Studios, Seven Secrets #12 is the concluding chapter of the second story arc.  Some of the threads are wrapped up, but new ones have been introduced to keep the story flowing.

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Seven Secrets is about a group called the Order of the Seven.  They have protected the Seven Secrets (hence the name) for millennia.  Recently they’ve been attacked by another organization, called the Seekers, who want to reveal the secrets to the world.  During the attack, the Seekers were able to gain control of one of the Secrets.  The First Secret has been revealed to the World and led to the complete destruction of everything inside the borders of Switzerland.  This is the same thing that happened to Atlantis and Lemuria.


Seven Secrets #12 starts out in London, England. Eva, the leader of the Order of the Seven, is planning out the assault on the Seeker’s Headquarters.  Her team includes Caspar (her son), Jedda (the Queen of England!), and Titus.  Eva has the group arm themselves before leaving for the assault.

In ruined ashes of Switzerland, Amon, leader of the Seekers and Canto are discussing Canto’s betrayal of the Order.  They are attacked by the only remaining member of the Order in the country.  After Fel’s defeat, Amon reveals his backstory.  Amon was the son of Tajana and Gareth, two members of the Order.  He was taken from his parents and raised in the Order.  After Tajana became leader of the Order, Amon competed in the Trials to determine her new Holder.  Even though he won the Trial, he was given the role; his lover, Canto, was chosen to be the new Holder.  Canton doesn’t want to, but Amon tells him that he will be back for him.  Afterward, Fel still doesn’t believe in the Seeker’s mission, so Amon shows her the Third Secret.

Prior to entering the Seeker’s HQ, Eva tells Caspar that he will have to remain outside.  Once inside, the English Prime Minister reveals their identities and a battle takes place.  Eva has Titus prepare the bomb that he was carrying; with the exit blocked, Eva, Titus, and Jedda head to the roof hoping for a method of escape.  There isn’t one.  From the ground, Caspar can see them as the bomb starts destroying the building.  Knowing that there is no way to reach them, Caspar SOARS to the roof.  This surprises everyone except Eva.  Caspar is upset but he can rescue the other three from the roof of the exploding building.  His final narration reveals that he “was angry and confused and afraid.  But it didn’t matter.  In a week, I’d be DEAD.”


Have I mentioned that Tom Taylor can write?!?  He has always been a writer who I’ve made a point of following.  In Seven Secrets #12, he again impresses.  My absolute favorite beat of the story was Amon’s back story.  The reason is because of how similar it is to the backstory that was revealed for Caspar in Seven Secrets #7.  I believe that Taylor is building up to Amon vs Caspar.  Both of them being taken from their Order parents and raised by others just feels like it has to pay off in a larger moment.  I’m just not sure if it would be a story beat or the end game of the series.

With the revelation that Caspar is something more than human, I’m really interested in seeing where Tom Taylor goes with this.  Eva’s reaction reveals that no matter what has caused Caspar’s changes, she is aware of it in some manner.  I remember seeing images in earlier issues of Seven Secrets where Caspar’s eyes were colored differently, but I put it down to possible coloring issues.  Now I’m going to have to go back and read them (again!)

Another thing that I really enjoy is the usage of Jedda, who is literally the Queen of England!  Her inclusion in the series has been awesome and I can’t wait to see where Tom Taylor takes her from here.  Finally, this is Seven Secrets #12.  Since it isn’t the first issue, there probably isn’t anything that I could say here that is going to make you run out and purchase it.  But I’m still hoping that I might have persuaded at least one person to pick up the series!


The thing that I liked the most about Daniele Di Nicuolo’s art was how cartoony/ animated everything looks.  While I enjoy some of the more realistic artists, Nicuolo’s art is a perfect match for the story that Tom Taylor is telling in Seven Secrets #12.  The colors by Walter Baiamonte add to the same feeling keeping everything from feeling too heavy.


Seven Secrets #12 wrapped up the second arc but used the ending as a launchpad for the next beats in the series.  If you read the last four pages, then you’ll see why I’m so excited for the future of this comic!  To me, the sign of any good story (be it comics, games, movies, etc.) is that I want to experience it again.  Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo have created a story that definitely requires repeat immersion.  Seven Secrets #12 is definitely the best book I’ve read this week.  This is the book that I’m currently reading last each week it comes out to make sure that I finish on a high note.


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