Robin #5 Review

Writers: Joshua Williamson

Art: Gleb Melnikov

Colors: Luis Guerrero

Letters: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Publisher: DC
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 8/24/2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

Rumble of the Robins:

I feel like the kid who knows what he is going to get for Christmas, but he still must wait. Reading Robin #5 by Joshua Williamson is a relief because we FINALLY know that the fighting will take place next issue. Considering the premise of this storyline, this was an emotional issue that led to an epic reunion. Let’s dive into it!

*Spoilers to follow*

The Robins:

After an SOS was sent out to the Robins, Damian’s brothers and sister arrive to bring him back to Gotham. The few pages in which they have a rooftop version of the tag, give us the perfect Bat-Family “Family Moment.” As they are all trying to catch Damian quite literally, we see how each of the Robins (and the Spoiler) uses their unique style to grab Damian. I love seeing all the original 3 Robins together. Each one brings something special to the table that the other does not necessarily have. We need more family team-ups such as these. Oh wait a minute, that’s taking place in a few months, right?

You’ve got me Feeling Emotions:

In Robin #5, Damian makes a deal with the other Robins that if any of them catch him, he will surrender and leave the tournament. As he quickly avoids the Robins, the one Robin who catches him is Dick. However, instead of a fight, we are treated to a tender moment between Batman and Robin (yes, I did that on purpose). We must realize (as Dick mentions) Damian may be the 4th Robin, but he was Dicks 1st Robin while he was Batman. This shows that there is a deep bond between the duo that is normally reserved for Batman and Robin. I would love to see another Dick and Damian team-up story!

Final Thoughts:

Robin #5 by Joshua Williamson is the perfect entry into the fighting arena. Whereas I liked seeing a mini-Robin reunion, I am ready for the blood and guts. I still say this is one of my favorite comics of 2021. I would recommend this issue to anyone who is a fan of the Batman mythos!



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