New Mutants #19 Review

Writer: Vita Ayala
Art: Alex Lins

Colors: Matt Milla

Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham

Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 6/16/21
Reviewer: Soycornholio

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Give Me More Dreams

The X-Office has orchestrated a multi-line event for the Hellfire Gala. Thus far, some issues have been solid, while others take one 1 or 2 reads to fully grasp the concept. In New Mutants #19 by Vita Ayala, we witness some of the behind-the-scenes drama that takes place during the Gala. Now, was this issue a hit of a flop? And more importantly, how mad is Sunspot over not making the new X-Men team (he is such a drama king)? Well, let’s find out!

*Mild spoilers*

 New Mutants Forever:

I am a major fan of the status quo. Let me back up. I love it when heroes and characters are constantly pushed to their limits and are reimagined by various creative teams. I do expect certain teams and heroes (i.e., the New Mutants) to eventually begin to grow outside of their initial appearances. On the other hand, I am a major fan of the status quo (or as I call it, the palate cleanser). It is often in what I call the Age of Comics, that everything becomes too much. Too much action. Too much drama. Too much intergalactic space escapades. When we focus on those things, we lose sight of the core ideology.

Yes, Xi’an had her brother with her for some time and she could give Forge a run for his money in terms of robotic legs, but what is her relationship with Sam like nowadays? Yes, Roberto is filthy rich and is super successful, but does he ever hang out with Doug? These slice-of-life interactions are something that I like to see now and then. It shows that no matter what happens, the core team is still spiritually together.

We see that everyone is on great terms with one another (except maybe Roberto) in one amazing page that captured the group chat titled “New Mutants Forever.” In it, the OG New Mutants Team (Danielle, Rahne, Sammonball, Berto, Xi’an, Illyana, Dougie, and Amara) are still close with one another and are discussing the recently revealed new X-Men Team. Of course, Roberto is angry to the point that he eventually leaves the chat, but Ayala captures the essence of these characters with very few words. They are still the same group of kids who had to battle Sentinels at the mall or who went toe to toe with Selene. My only question is where was Warlock? I am assuming he automatically receives updates?


Look, the New Mutants have always been about love. Love of family, love of one another, and love of what they do. New Mutants #19 is full of the love that stems from this Claremont-era team. The first example of this is the brotherly love between Warlock and Doug. Warlock and Doug have been a tight pair since their earlier days. Doug marrying Bei has shown its impact on Warlock; he feels neglected and sad. After a nice heart-to-heart with Warpath, Warlock gains enough courage to go over and speak with Douglas and Giganta…I mean Bei. This allows Warlock to be a part of his friend’s next journey in life while still retaining his friend. Philia: The highest form of love.

Final Thoughts:

New Mutants #19 by Vita Ayala shows the calm in the middle of the Reign of X. We do not often see a reunion of our favorite teams too often (i.e., the O5, X-Factor, Gen X, etc.). With the support of the art team, Vita did an amazing job orchestrating a true New Mutants reunion without trying to create something new. If you can, I would recommend picking up this issue. Hopefully, reading #19 will lead you to wonder what they were all like when they were a team. If so, check out the New Mutants Omni. You will not be disappointed either way!


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