Multiversity Teen Justice #6 Review

Writers: Danny Lore and Ivan Cohen
Art: Marco Failla
Colors:  Enrica Eren Angiolini
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 8th, 2022

It’s the final showdown on Earth-11 between Teen Justice and Sinestra (the Earth-11 version of Sinestro) and her army of Green Lanterns in Multiversity Teen Justice #6.  As the Teen Justice team still try to process the death of one of their members last issue, they face an uphill battle with Sinestra and her vampiric team of Green Lanterns, including the Earth-11 versions of Kyle Rayner and Kilowog.  Will Teen Justice prevail?  And who’s the surprising new heroine who appears to help them?

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The Story

I’ve been enjoying this series and the monthly visit to Earth-11, where all the heroes are gender-flipped versions of the Earth-Prime heroes (Aquawoman is the Earth-11 version of Aquaman, Kid Quick is the male Earth-11 version of Jesse Quick, etc.). Multiversity Teen Justice #6 is no exception, presenting a thrilling and emotional finale to the mini-series.

Each of the Teen Justice members are written with unique personalities, which makes the book a blast to read, especially when arguments arise.  My favorite members of the team are Supergirl and Klarienne the Witch-Girl.  Supergirl is the eternal optimist, wholesome and always wanting to keep the peace.  She’s like the female version of Christopher Reeve’s Superman, a girl scout through and through.  Klarienne is reminiscent of Aubrey Plaza’s character April Ludgate from “Parks and Rec”.  She’s standoffish, cold and mystical.  She has little patience for people in general and seems to only be with the team because she has nothing better to do.  Her quips and smarmy remarks are always hilarious.

A hero or team of heroes are only as good as the villains they face, and Sinestra is a fantastic villain.  She’s far more than just a female version of Earth-Prime’s Sinestro, she’s a ruthless energy vampire, who feeds off human life energy to power her ring, and she doesn’t care who she drains to get what she needs.   She’s a formidable and terrifying opponent for the Teen Justice team.

There are a lot of great appearances this issue also, including a new heroine who’s another interesting female version of a surprising Earth-Prime character.  Also, the Justice Guild (Earth-11’s version of the Justice League) pop in. I hope we get more stories set on Earth-11.  I’d love to see a Justice Guild series or another mini-series or series with Teen Justice.  These characters all have interesting designs and traits, and I want to see more of this world.

The Art

Marco Failla’s art on Multiversity Teen Justice #6 is vibrant and bold, and beautifully renders all the unique character designs of Earth-11, bringing the world to life.
The characters’ emotions are conveyed wonderfully through the art, you can feel their emotions, whether it’s joy or despair, through the artwork. There are just the right number of splash pages and half-page panel layouts to keep the story flowing and emphasize the action.

Final Thoughts

Multiversity Teen Justice #6 is a great conclusion to the mini-series, full of action, emotional moments and surprises.  It offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Earth-11, a rich world that I hope we get to see more of in the future.


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