Legion of X #1 Review

Writer: Si Spurrier

Artist: Jan Bazaldua

Color Artist: Federico Blee

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Release Date: May 25, 2022

Price: $4.99

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

The newest addition to the Destiny of X lineup, Legion of X by Si Spurrier brings together a team of mutants to uphold the laws of Krakoa and keep the peace. This “Legion of X” consists of Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Pixie, Doctor Nemesis, Legion, Forgetmenot, Lost, and Fabian Cortez as its main peacekeepers.  The team has their work cut out for them as they work in a land where anything goes and a few mysteries are already afoot.

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The Story

At the highest level, Legion of X #1 by Si Spurrier is a good story.  However, as Spurrier begins to flesh out each storyline and the characters involved, some go well while others miss the mark.  

The opening sequence does a great job of laying the groundwork for the issue by introducing us to The Altar, a subdimension within Legion’s mind, and the mutants who will comprise the Legionnaires.  To further this, the inserts outlining “The Three Laws of Krakoa” and “The Great Ring of Arakko” give readers an understanding of the Why behind the subplots.  

Out of the three investigations facing the Legionnaires, Spurrier delivers on two of them while falling flat on the third.  As Forgetmenot and Juggernaut investigate a murderer who has fled to Krakoa. Forgetmenot makes this scene shine and the way Spurrier writes the character is the high point of the issue.  

The other investigation that Spurrier handles well concerns the Skinjacker, a mutant that has been possessing and controlling other mutants.  The issue is explained quickly but with finesse as the investigators approach the victim with empathy and understanding. Spurrier gets to the heart of the issue and describes the powerlessness that comes along with this type of abuse delicately but straightforwardly, and handles it well.

The final investigation, hunting down a missing god and returning them to Arakko, had the most potential, which means it was also the biggest disappointment as it falls flat.  Over the course of three panels, Spurrier strips away one of the most interesting aspects of Nightcrawler, his faith, and throws it away as if it were nothing.  This is even more devastating, as the premise of chasing a lost god is ripe with areas for introspection, growth, and conflict regarding the larger issues of faith and mutanthood.

The connecting story featuring Legion and Blindfold ties the issue together and helps to fill in the lore surrounding The Altar.  And while this additional worldbuilding is appreciated, for a first issue, Spurrier doesn’t help introduce new readers to the world of Legion of X.  This issue feels as though it is picking up in the middle of a pre-established story despite being a #1 issue.

The Art

With multiple splash panels, Jan Bazaldua is given the chance to show off her art and she completely nails it.  Bazaldua’s art is at its best in the character design, truly capturing the essence of each character throughout the book.  Federico Blee is a good partner with Bazaldua, using color to make the most of the art.  With the different settings of Krakoa, Arakko, and The Altar, Blee’s colors help to clue the reader into where the story is taking place.  

Final Thoughts

Legion of X #1 by Si Spurrier is off to races, moving forward quickly at the risk of leaving readers new to X-books behind.  With the mix of characters that make up the Legionnaires and the different settings, it will be interesting to see the story come together in the issues to come.  Jan Bazaldua and Federico Blee work together well as they craft the art for this book and bring the story to life.  


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