Jurassic League #4 Review

Writer: Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson
Art: Juan Gedeon and Jon Mikel with Mike Spicer (colorist)
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 9th, 2022

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The story continues and this time, the Dark Embryo hatches, ready to attack the heroes! The Jurassic League #4 doesn’t have too much in terms of action, but mainly is more of a set-up for the next issue. The reveal of who the Dark Embryo is isn’t all that surprising, as most longtime fans of DC comics should be able to detect what “dino-fied” villain it is before he is even revealed, but nevertheless, he does seem to be as, if not more, threatening as his counterpart in the mainstream DC universe.


The art is pretty consistent in The Jurassic League #4 in keeping with what we’ve seen so far. Juan Gedeon, the series’ writer is back as the artist after delegating art duties to Rafa Garrés’ last issue. This time, Gedeon is joined by Jon Mikel. There isn’t too much of a difference, though some readers may feel Garrés captures a “prehistoric” feel than Gedeon and Mikel, but it still fits the story well and doesn’t feel out of place. The panel of the Dark Embryo fully emerged from his shell is the most exciting.


The Jurassic League #4 is exciting in that it is leading towards the thrilling conclusion and it reveals the big bad, but it doesn’t really offer too much action like in previous issues. It definitely will leave readers wondering how the League’s confrontation with the big bad will go, especially since this is more of an Elseworlds tale, so it may be somewhat different from what we’re used to. What do you think will happen when the League confronts this major villain?


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