James Bond: Himeros #1 Review

Writer: Rodney Barnes

Artist: Antonio Fuso

Colorist: Adriano Augusto

Letterer: Social Myth Studios

Publisher: Dynamite

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Reviewer: JR Huitt

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Dynamite’s release of James Bond: Himeros #1 rides on the waves of the recent release of No Time to Die.  Writer Rodney Barnes (of the American Gods television show and the Killadelphia comic book) teams up with experienced 007 artist Antonio Fuso (James Bond: Service) to put Bond through his paces in James Bond: Himeros.


With a background in television, Rodney Barnes does an excellent job of structuring James Bond: Himeros #1.  Each scene builds on the ones before it but never staying to the point of wearing out the reader’s goodwill.  The only slight ding that I have is the usage of Bond himself.  With Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond in theatres, there just might be someone picking up a Bond comic for the first time.  It just feels like a missed opportunity to grab the casual reader’s attention.


Antonio Fuso’s art fits perfectly in the world that Ian Fleming introduced us to with Casino Royale.  Fuso’s version of Bond is built from the same press that Fleming used.  He’s slim, with a thin scar on his right cheek, has short hair with a bit of a ‘comma’ on his forehead.  Fuso also handles the action with aplomb.  During a very intense action scene, everything is easy to follow from beginning to end.  Adriano Augusto’s colors bleed onto the pages and complement Fuso’s art perfectly.


James Bond: Himeros #1 rides the nostalgia wave from the recent conclusion of Daniel Craig’s turn as 007.  Fortunately, Rodney Barnes has a very good grasp on James Bond and makes him spark in the little bit of screen time he has. Antonio Fuso’s art is perfect for this book.  Dynamite definitely has a book to be excited about with James Bond: Himeros.



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