Hulk #11 Review

Hulk (2021) #11

Writer: Ryan Ottley

Artist: Ryan Ottley

Color Artist: Marte Gracia

Cover Artists: Ryan Ottley & Marte Gracia

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

Hulk has been through a lot. Having an evil side of himself just explode and cause an incident. Battling with Thor in outer space in a cosmic giant hand. Now Hulk, or rather Bruce Banner has made planetfall on a gamma radiated world inhabited by a race of gamma mutants very similar to the Hulk. See what festivities the people of the new gamma world have in store for the Green Goliath in Hulk #11.

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The comic picks up where it left off with Monolith, the amazonian ruler of the gamma world, relaying that the Hulk is dying. There is an explanation to why his mind is deteriorating at a startling pace that worries one of Monolith’s scientists, but this reviewer doesn’t really buy it. With the changes in the creative team for this series happening behind the scenes, the flaws are showing in this comic.

Ultimately, this comic is all about Bruce Banner and the Banner crew having a good time hanging out with the other Hulk-like denizens of the gamma world. Readers will get to see Hulk and the others play that sport they brought up in the previous issues called “Godball” and it’s a game fit for a world of Hulks. Ryan Ottley does his best with the writing and dialogue, and he does a fine enough job to be sure.

Of course, Ottley’s talents on the art with Marte Gracia’s colors are truly what keep this comic alive. Seeing the Hulk play this weird sport with the other gamma mutants is only enjoyable because Ottley’s art makes every punch, kick, and throw of the giant “ball” have weight to it and make the overall action look out of this world.

The downsides of this comic is that the story is pretty lacking and has nothing really going for it other than having an issue where Bruce and his crew get to unwind and have a good time with the planet’s inhabitants. There is a bit of a brief “plot” near the end where the Godball game is interrupted by some random antagonists who were brought up much earlier in the series as throwaway characters and they’re still throwaway characters here as well. So, when they leave the picture, there’s no real loss there.

Final Thoughts:

Hulk (2021) #11 (Variant)

Hulk #11 picks up with Hulk getting to know the inhabitants of the gamma world by playing their favorite game “Godball”. Ryan Ottley pulls double duty here in the writing and art department with Marte Gracia on colors. While the story isn’t the most compelling, it still manages to be fun for what it is as Hulk bonds with the people of the planet while sowing the seeds for tragedy and Hulk-like catastrophe in later issues.


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