Hawkgirl #2 Review

Writer: Jadzia Axelrod
Artist: Amancay Nahuelpan
Colors: Adriano Lucas
Letters: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher:  DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 15th, 2023

Kendra Saunders continues adjusting to life in Metropolis in Hawkgirl #2.  New heroine Galaxy (along with their intrepid talking dog Argus) is trying to get Kendra to open up and be more social, which terrifies Kendra even more than the vicious villain who stalks her in the shadows, plotting to steal her Nth metal at any moment.

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The Story

Hawkgirl #2 not only continues Kendra’s story in an interesting way, it gives us more insight into Galaxy, who’s a very compelling character themselves. Having Galaxy team with Kendra is a great idea, both of them a bit lost and adrift, though Galaxy has made a great life for themselves in Metropolis, with a girlfriend and a great apartment (compliments of her girlfriend’s mother). Most of the book focuses on Kendra (and us) learning more about Galaxy and in one great scene, Galaxy “fixes” Kendra’s wings using her powers.  It’s a wonderfully metaphysical sequence and shows off Galaxy’s power set.

We also see Kendra’s continual struggle with her past selves.  Having lived several lifetimes, those past lives are always intruding in Kendra’s thoughts, causing her to argue with herself at times, making her seem crazy to those around her.  It’s one of the things that makes Hawkgirl’s character different from other DC characters, she has generations of wisdom to draw on. The main villain of the mini-series is Vulpecula, a sorceress (or maybe a woman using such advanced science it looks like magic?) who is obsessed with finding all the Nth metal she can so she can travel to the Nth world.

As villains go, Vulpecula is unfortunately one-dimensional.  She’s driven by one goal and wreaks havoc wherever she goes, but we know nothing about her past or why she needs to get to the Nth world.  I hope we learn more about her as the mini-series progresses.  She’s a great foe for Hawkgirl, very powerful and she’d be a great first member of Hawkgirl’s Rogue’s Gallery. Overall, it’s a good second issue, with a couple of great fight scenes and some good character moments for Kendra and Galaxy.  We even get to see Argus the Corgi in battle! I’d love to see Kendra and Galaxy remain close friends.  Like Batman and Superman, they’re a great counterpoint to each other, with Kendra being very driven and grim and Galaxy more light-hearted and sweet.

The Art

The thing I love most about Amancay Nahuelpan’s art on Hawkgirl #2 is his rendition of Kendra.   Kendra looks more formidable here than she’s ever looked in the past.  Tall, with the muscular arms and legs of a bodybuilder, Kendra looks like someone who can kick some serious behind in battle.  I love this rendition of her.  In the past, I feel artists went the opposite, drawing her thin with no muscle tone. It makes more sense that she would be as massive as she is here, on a par with Wonder Woman. The battle scenes are furious and even though there are a lot of characters, it’s easy to tell at every point where everyone is and what they’re doing.   The art is clean and crisp throughout, occasionally reminding me of John Byrne’s work back in the 1980’s.

Final Thoughts

Hawkgirl #2 continues Kendra and Galaxy’s story.  I enjoyed the two together, learning about each other and watching their friendship develop, and the fight scenes at the end are fun and explosive.  It’s a good second part to the 6-part story.


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