Harley Quinn #24 Review

Writers: Stephanie Phillips
Art: Matteo Lolli and Rain Beredo
Letters: ANDWORLD Design
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 22nd, 2022

Someone shot Harley Quinn and killed her, and Harley’s pi**ed about it!  Resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, Harley’s obsessed with finding out who shot her and getting revenge on them.  She’s scouring Gotham for information, and in Harley Quinn #24, she’s going to do some serious interrogatin’ of Mr. Zsasz!  Sure, he’s a totally psychotic killer who’d kneecap his own mother, but Harley’s got a vicious streak, a baseball bat, two hungry hyenas and an alien pet that drools acid, and it’s enough to reduce even a hardcore Grade-A psycho like Zsasz to a blubbering mess.  Harley’s shooter is revealed this issue!

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The Story

The current “Who Killed Harley Quinn?” storyline has been a blast so far, with Harley (who’s usually the one doing the hunting) being hunted by a mysterious cloaked assassin.  In Harley Quinn #24, she doubles her efforts in finding the killer, and the bulk of the issue has her interrogating Mr. Zsasz.

I really enjoyed the back-and-forth psychological warfare between Harley and Zsasz, as Harley tries to intimidate Zsasz to get information from him, while Zsasz tries to make her doubt herself while doing his own twisted brand of intimidation. Harley’s been on a hero’s journey for a while, wanting to bury her past and be an anti-hero of sorts rather than the agent of chaos and destruction she used to be.  It’s been fun watching her veer outside her comfort zone of mayhem to try to do the right thing.  This storyline and her hunger for revenge threaten to revert her back to her old self, and Zsasz can sense her slipping.

The book shifts between grim, horrific, and hilarious effortlessly.  We even get one cute scene where Harley mimics Sherlock Holmes (complete with the Holmes trademark Deerstalker cap).  It’s random Harley moments like this that make me love the character, you never know what she’s going to do next.

The only complaint I have with the issue is that I wish Harleen Quinzel would take over in situations like this, and she’d use her criminal psychology knowledge to get results instead of using violence.  It’s easy to forget that Harley used to be a psychologist.  It’s something that should be tapped into more for future stories. We finally get to see who Harley’s mystery assassin is and it’s going to blow your mind.

The Art

Matteo Lolli’s art on Harley Quinn #24 captures Harley’s look and feel perfectly.
What I love most about the art are Harley’s infinite number of expressions.  Harley’s always been a manic-type character, and Lolli’s art captures her extreme emotions wonderfully. Rain Beredo’s colors enhance Lolli’s work, right down to Harley’s alternating blue and red eye shadow. Zsasz looks as terrifying as always, his body covered in scars, and the urban squalor of the city is present in every panel.

Final Thoughts

Harley Quinn #24 is a fascinating continuation of the “Who Killed Harley Quinn?” storyline, with Harley interrogating Mr. Zsasz in scenes that are gripping, alternating between comedy and horror.  We get to see Harley struggle with her dark side and we get a stunning reveal of the mystery assassin.  Another great Harley Quinn issue!


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