Giant Robot Hellboy #1 Review

Writer : Mike Mignola

Artist: Duncan Fegredo

Colorist: Dave Stewart

Letterer : Clem Robins

Cover Artist: Duncan Fegredo

Publisher: Dark Horse

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 25, 2023

Reviewed by: Samriddh Chaudhary


Hellboy has been kidnapped and hooked to a machine to operate a giant robot by a group of scientists. Stranded on an island filled with giant monsters, Hellboy must fight his way out of this mission. Giant Robot Hellboy #1 is an example of the Hellboy comics exploring completely new territories.

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The Dispatch

The concept of Hellboy inside a Giant Robot is redundant and seems rather pointless. This could just be a series about Mechs and Kaijus battling each other. The inclusion of Hellboy in this sort of plot is completely unnecessary. The lack of imagination while constructing the plot is baffling. Even though this can be considered an experimental new direction for the series, readers would be more appreciative of something with a little more depth than this. But, many aspects of the plot of the series are still hidden and we are only one-third of the way there so we might see a significant development in the quality of the plot in the coming future.

Also, for a three-issue miniseries, this book has not been very successful in establishing its new characters. Considering the length of the series it is important to establish the characters because if it takes too long then the reader will not be able to form any connection with the characters and the reading experience will be significantly hampered. The atmosphere that the writers and artists build throughout the book is on point despite the embarrassing plot line. It is certainly one of the best aspects of the book and helps make the battle between the Mech and the Kaiju more engaging and exciting.

The Art:

The art of Giant Robot Hellboy #1 is great and probably some of the best Hellboy art in recent memory. The human designs are much more detailed and the book has a much grimier and dirtier look to it which is beneficial to a story like this. The colors are much less extreme than an average horror Hellboy story (nobody has done it better than Mark Chiarello till now) but this look also suits the story. The art manages to elevate an underdeveloped plot.


In conclusion, Giant Robot Hellboy #1 takes Hellboy on an unusual journey, straying from its conventional storytelling. While the concept of Hellboy in a giant robot may seem redundant, the book showcases exceptional art that enhances the overall experience. The plot’s lack of depth leaves much to be desired, but with more issues to come, there’s hope for improved storytelling. However, the series falls short of establishing new characters within its limited length, which could hinder reader engagement. Despite its shortcomings, the atmospheric elements and exceptional artwork are redeeming qualities that keep the readers engaged. But, the book’s reliance on art is a major drawback because it again brings back attention to the lack of imagination throughout the writing process.


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