Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman
Art: Drew Moss and Martina Pignedoli (colorist)
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 9th, 2023

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The saga continues in Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2. The Wyvern clan of gargoyles do battle with the humans, as well as strike a deal with them. This issue has deals with themes of loss as well as showing more of the history of the gargoyles in Scotland in days of old. The text companion piece enhances the narrative by providing more details about the history of Scotland in this universe at the time and more of the folklore surrounding the gargoyles. It mixes real-world history in with the universe Weisman has created. This issue presents an excellent narrative for Hudson, Goliath and Demona in particular. The dialogue is well-written and fitting for the characters. Readers can easily imagine Ed Asner, Keith David, and Marina Sirtis saying these lines in character.


The art in Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 continues to be fantastic, rivaling that of the main Gargoyles series. The art style, while not identical to the animation style of the show, presents the characters in a fresh new way. Moss and Pignedoli deliver captivating art and colors, There are lots of full page spreads of the gargoyles flying into battle, a close-up of Hudson’s face and a scene in which Hudson cradles a fallen comrade. This allows the readers to empathize with Hudson. In particular, the colors and shading done on the night sky, showing the moon and stars with redish-brown tones could symbolize Hudson’s grief and anger, as the sky is only depicted with these colors during scenes of emotional intensity. There are also some great panels showing the electrical energy emanating from magic spells as well as Goliath, ready to attack those who would harm his clan, in particular his “angel”, later known as Demona, who would ultimately end up betraying the clan.


The story in Gargoyles: Dark Ages #2 is slow-paced because it is focusing on re-acquainting readers with the history of the gargoyles in Scotland of centuries past. That being said, while the plot is slow, the art makes up for it with fantastic panels showing the characters in various emotional stages from sadness to anger. The Gargoyle mythology will continue to be explored. What further history could be uncovered?


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