Flawed #1 Review

Writer: Chuck Brown

Artist: Prenzy

Letterer: Becca Carey

Release Date: September 28, 2022

Reviewer: Lukke Sweet

Day in and day out, Dr. Gem Ezz listens to the woes of her patients.  Flawed #1 by Chuck Brown shows how wearying that can be, especially when it comes to victims of tragic crimes.  Faced with the aftermath of a serial killer called ‘The Skinwalker,’ Gem can’t stand that the authorities aren’t doing anything to stop him.  And so she uses her other skills to take matters into her own hands…

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The Story

Flawed #1 is a tremendous story.  Brown creates a world steeped in corruption, where those in power will do anything to stay in power. But how does that affect the little people, those without money or power?  Who will look out for the ones who get trampled on?  This issue doesn’t answer these questions, but we are introduced to some of the people who will try.

Brown delivers with this issue.  It’s a gripping start, focusing on in-your-face action, Brown gives just enough information to leave readers satisfied and wanting more.

The Art

The art of Flawed #1 is great.  Prenzy, doing both linework and colors, brings life to Brown’s world.  The curved linework gives a softness to the issue that was unexpected but worked.  Some of the artwork can be slightly gory, but with a book like this, that’s not an issue and helps to convey just how frustrated Dr. Ezz feels about the state of her city.

Final Thoughts

A promising first issue, Flawed #1 introduces some kickass characters and an interesting take on justice.


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