Fantastic Four #24 Review

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Paco Medina

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Release Date: 9/30/2020

Price: $3.99

Now that Empyre is over we can get back to some great Fantastic Four content, maybe after this issue? Dan Slott has been wanting to tell the story of Iceman being a temporary member of the Fantastic Four in some time. Even teasing it all the way back in issue three of this series, but maybe he didn’t have all the details. Slott initially teased a story with Namor.

Fantastic Four #3

“An untold tale for another day. Honest.” But was this really the day we needed this story? Ben and Alicia have officially adopted Jo and Nicki after the Empyre event. This issue starts as what would be a celebration of this adoption, and yet Slott makes it about Bobby and Johnny. Two characters that are very prominent in their respectful place in the Marvel Universe. Johnny has a realization that he needs to grow up and get his priorities set, seeing that his family around him is growing and he isn’t. This holds weight, Slott could have used that to strengthen Johnny’s relationship with Sky, and even with Jo and Nicki.

Upon some research, there was in fact no prior history from Marvel Comics that proved this adventure with Iceman in the Fantastic Four ever happened, thus the reason for Slott’s “Untold Tale” remarks in issue three. However Iceman was part of the Fantastic Four/ X-Men team up in Fantastic Four #28 in 1961. This gave Slott the opportunity to write any story he pleased (even if it took away from the more interesting part of the issue). Paco Medina and Jesus Aburtov did an excellent job at giving the flashback an 80’s feel, and Slott didn’t have to work too hard to write 80’s dialogue either.

This book didn’t excite me in any way or the other, but it was nice to see Franklin in Krakoa, and the FF family getting along with the mutants. Outside of the flashback, Slott set a few breadcrumbs that hopefully lead to better stories for the first family.

Final Thoughts:

Johnny Storm and Bobby Drake are fan favorites, and many will enjoy this issue as a one-shot that pits the two heroes in a “playful” way. One-shots should be left for annuals, and although this is an “annuals week” in comics, putting this story in the main series didn’t progress anything with the ongoing characters or resolve any ongoing issues with the current story.


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  1. Yeah, this issue felt more like an annual than anything. Like you said, it took attention away from Ben and Alicia adopting a pair of kree and skrull kids and establishing their family dynamic. Heck, maybe they could’ve explained why the skrull girl was idolizing Alicia so much during Empyre. But going by the previews for the next issue, it looks like they won’t touch on this yet.

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