Fantastic Four #11 Review

Fantastic Four (2022) #11

Writer: Ryan North

Artist: Iban Coello

Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov

Cover Artist:Alex Ross

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Fantastic Four are reunited and things are settling down for them. Kidding! The superhero family have had their necks in all kinds of misadventures one right after the other with familiar and new faces. Now in Fantastic Four #11, we see Ben Grimm aka The Things go on a strange misadventure with a new little companion of his own.


So, like many of the previous issues this comic is very much another misadventure, this time with The Thing as the main headliner with a new furry little dog as his companion for the story. Let me start by saying that it’s great to have Iban Coello back as the main artist even for a misadventure like this one. Like previous stories in this run, it starts off with some fun wholesome interactions as The Thing keeps having to deal with a furry little intruder in the house, the new dog constantly messing with him. Then it transitions into the strange and somewhat eerie scenario he finds himself in and must solve it.

Clearly, the heart and soul of this comic is The Thing and all the fun energy he brings especially his interactions with the new dog palling around with him. What’s better is that Ryan North does a solid job of showing Ben Grimm knowing a thing or two in science thanks to being around Reed all these years but in a way that makes sense for him. It also helps that North uses the dog as a convenient means to have Grimm essentially provide narration and exposition as he’s talking to the dog for company the whole time.

Iban Coello does a solid job once again with the art and Jesus Aburtov’s colors help heighten it even more. The scenario that Ben Grimm finds himself in is made more believable by how he is drawn to match the strange situation he’s in. This also helps make sure the comic doesn’t give away any big hints about who or what is behind this strange illusion that The Thing is caught in. And don’t worry, the dog does play a small role in helping The Thing break free of this illusion he’s caught up in.

Now, the only downside is finding out who is behind the whole thing and it’s pretty underwhelming especially with how they’re beaten. Granted, the manner of their defeat falls in line with the more lighthearted tone of this comic and The Thing himself, so if nothing it’s not out of place in the comic.

Final Thoughts:

Fantastic Four #11 provides another nice misadventure this time starring Ben Grimm, aka The Thing and little dog as his companion for the ride. The writing is good as the comic provides a fun little wholesome story for The Thing where he has to rely on his wits and his strengths to solve the mystery. The art from Iban Coello also helps sell the illusion and the apparent danger that The Thing finds himself in. Overall, it’s a nice fun story for fans of The Thing to enjoy.


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