Defenders: Beyond #3 Review

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Cover Artist: Javier Rodriguez

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The Defenders continue their cosmic journey through the grand landscapes of the Marvel Cosmos. Previously, they came face-to-face with the original Beyonder and his people the aptly named Beyonders. This time, they must confront the wrath of the infamous Phoenix Force who has taken possession of their companion Taaia in Defenders: Beyond #3!

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Ok, we’re back with the cosmic Defenders as they continue to hurtle through the greater cosmic landscape of the Marvel Comics universe. Last time they faced The Beyonder and his people, the former of whom tagged along with the Defenders in their trippy journey. And now the Defenders are in the realm of the Phoenix Force, aka the White Hot Room, who’s inhabiting Taaia.

One thing this comic has going for it is the art from Javiar Rodriguez. He definitely brings his A-game with this series when it comes to the colors, paneling, and the grand nature he adds to cosmic beings like the Beyonders and now the Phoenix Force in Taaia. This also extends to the various cosmic locales featured in the comic. Granted, not all of them are as weird or wondrous as expected, in fact some are downright mundane. Even the depiction of the White Hot Room is just…plain. The only upside is that this helps the Phoenix-possessed Taaia and the other characters stand out in the comic.

Another thing that also helps is that everyone on the team actually has a part to play in this comic issue’s story. This was a problem in the previous issue with only half of the team really being useful while the rest were sidelined as spectators doing nothing but offer commentary. Some more than others contribute to the story, clearly, but the entire team, even The Beyonder, plays a big role in getting through the Phoenix Force. Admittedly, the story this time is a little less urgent, if that makes sense. Unlike the previous issue, it doesn’t feel like the team is urgently trying to get past the realm of the Phoenix than when they were dealing with the Beyonders. It feels like they’re just clearing through a level in a video game instead of hurriedly trying to get to the big menace that’s supposedly threatening the entire Marvel Cosmos.

The biggest problem with this issue (and possibly the series) is that, like many things Al Ewing writes, the comic does a mixed job of conveying the deeper abstract aspects. Some are pretty straightforward, and some are not. While others just feel like they might’ve come out of nowhere without knowing the full context of certain characters and concepts in Marvel Comics’ history. The biggest example of this is with Tigra and the part she plays in the story to help the team get past the Phoenix Force.

However, like the previous issue, this comic does provide readers with a reading list of comics that provide the first appearances and such of the relevant concepts and characters explored in this comic. Admittedly, the reading list does give the impression of homework, but it’s there if readers want to learn more about the characters and concepts at play in this issue.

Final Thoughts: 

Defenders: Beyond #3 has the Defenders continue their cosmic journey, this time they’re up against the Phoenix Force. The art from Javier Rodriguez continues to look amazing, this time with the Phoenix taking the center stage as the star attraction. It also helps that everyone on the Defenders plays their own part in getting past the fiery cosmic force of nature.


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