Darkwing Duck #7 Review

Writer: Amanda Deibert 

Art: Carlo Lauro

Publisher: Dynamite comics       

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 19, 2023

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In a new Darkwing adventure, Darkwing and Launchpad visit the newly established “Hall of Heroes”, a museum dedicated to different heroes that have protected the city of St. Canard. Of course, this is too much for the Masked Mallard, whose massive ego won’t allow him to share the spotlight with anyone. Although the villain isn’t revealed in Darkwing Duck #7, there could be some hints as to who it might be. It could very well be Flarg, leader of the Brainteasers, a race of sentient alien hats that control the minds of whoever wears them who first appeared in the Darkwing Duck episode, “The Brainteasers from Outer Space”.

This theory is supported by both the eyes of the suspect being shown and the fact that “signature hats” is emphasized in bold in a piece of Launchpad’s dialogue. The Brainteasers would also make formidable opponents to the Justice Ducks. While they reunited last issue to help take down the Fearsome Five once again, it seems to imply they’ll all be joining forces again next issue. It was fun to see how they kind of poked fun at the “superheroes battle each other over a misunderstanding” trope by having Darkwing and Neptunia compete against each other and argue about which one of them is the better superhero.


It’s cool how the art in Darkwing Duck #7 puts a special profile on each of the members of the Justice Ducks by showing full pages of statues of each, along with descriptions of their abilities. It was also cool to see a detailed re-cap of the classic episode, “Just Us Justice Ducks” where the Justice Ducks were first featured as a team, and how Darkwing’s ego wouldn’t let them remain as a team, as he attests to. There’s a great panel of Darkwing and Neptunia each looking heroic, followed by a panel of them glaring at each other. Darkwing really takes his rivalry with other heroes to a whole new level.


Darkwing Duck #7 is a great story that spoofs classic superhero rivalries in a way that only Darkwing Duck can. There is still a lot of information that both the readers and the characters don’t know yet, but it is fun to speculate. Hopefully there is a worthy threat for the entire team of the Justice Ducks to battle next issue!


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