Monarch #2 Review

Monarch #2 Review – Young Travon has ventured beyond the makeshift shelter of his high school’s walls in a desperate search for food and rations for the surviving students-but no heroic act goes unpunished. Travon finds himself captured and at the mercy of these strange beings from another world, but what do they want with him? Why are they attacking Earth? And will he ever see his beloved Daysha again, or is he as doomed as the rest of the world? Continue reading Monarch #2 Review

Monarch #1 Review

Monarch #1 Review: Travon is one of the lucky ones: an orphan who found a loving home with kindly Miss Wilamae and his new sister Marli in Compton, California. Fellow orphan Zion terrorizes Travon every day, unwilling to let him forget that Travon’s gain comes at the expense of his missing out on school and the foster system. When a strange cloud settles over the Los Angeles area, changing their world forever, can the two set aside their differences and face the future together? Let’s dive into Monarch #1 and find out! Continue reading Monarch #1 Review