Batman: The Adventures Continue season Three #6 Review

Writers: Paul Dini and Alan Burnett
Art: Ty Templeton and Monica Kubina (colorist)
Publisher: DC comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 27th, 2023

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Batman: The Adventures Continue season Three #6  presents the beginning of a new story arc, giving us mystery and new takes on classic characters. That being said, some of the characters feel like they’re written somewhat out of character. For instance, Bruce refers to Ra’s Al Ghul as “Al Ghul” in his inner monologue rather than “Ra’s”, which doesn’t feel natural for DCAU Bruce Wayne. He also calls Talia “my dear”, which doesn’t seem like how DCAU Bruce would refer to her. He also seems to be off his game detective-wise, which Talia acknowledges. Ra’s appears to be reformed, but just as Bruce is skeptical of this change in his foe, so should readers be. The story ends on an exciting cliffhanger, leaving us on edge for next issue. It is well-written, despite Bruce feeling out of character at some points. There is even some advertising as Tim Drake mentions the streaming service “Max”, which is owned by Warner Brothers.


Ty Templeton has proven himself to be a master of red herrings and misdirection throughout this series, and Batman: The Adventures Continue season Three #6 is certainly no exception. The character on the run at the beginning of the issue appears as though she is a new character, or perhaps the return of a character that previously appeared in this series. Yet, by the issue’s end, we discover that she’s a character that Batman fans know well and has already appeared several times throughout the DC animated universe. Since this is a comic, and not an animated show, it is easier to throw us for a loop, since we cannot actually hear the voices of the characters as they speak. This leaves more room for mystery. Also, they make a point to write the word “flare” on a gun that Bruce uses against Ra’s Al Ghul’s men, emphasizing that Bruce would never use a regular gun, especially in combat against his enemies. Kubina does a great job with the colors and lighting, from clear blue skies, to sunset, to night sky and stormy skies. There’s also a great panel of a lightning strike as a character falls from a building.


Batman: The Adventures Continue season Three #6 gives fans an exciting new story and subverts our expectations about characters that we think we already know. It presents new mysteries and plot points to leave fans wanting more. While there are some times when Bruce and other characters feel out of character, it does expand upon the DC animated universe in a fresh, new way.


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