Batman: Beyond the White Knight #3 Review

Writer: Sean Murphy  

Art: Sean Murphy and Dave Stewart (colorist)

Publisher: DC comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: May 24th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

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In the last issue, we discovered the bombshell that Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn are actually married. In Batman: Beyond the White Knight #3, we see Terry operating the Beyond suit for the first time under the direction of Derek Powers. Bruce reunites with Harley, and Bruce and Terry meet for the first time. Fans will be surprised at how this story diverts from the Batman Beyond animated series, especially when Terry and Bruce first interact with each other. There is more backstory given to Derek Powers than was ever seen on the show, and it goes into his history with Bruce Wayne. That is intriguing, and hopefully, Murphy will explore more of that in future issues.


The artwork in Batman: Beyond the White Knight #3 continues to be great, or as Terry would say, schway. Readers can spot various Batmobiles in one scene, including those seen in Batman the animated series, the 1989 Batman movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and even the most recent film by Matt Reeves, The Batman. Also, it is cool to see Harley in an outfit that resembles her old costume, but it seems that Harley should be drawn to look a little older though, considering a significant amount of time has passed. Bruce looks significantly older while Harley looks pretty much the same. Additionally, the scenes where Bruce is swinging off rooftops in his prototype bat suit look very well done.


With the twists that Murphy is pointing into the story which deviates from what is normally seen in both the DC animated universe and the mainstream DC universe, Batman: Beyond the White Knight #3 keeps readers invested and wanting more, while not quite knowing what to expect. Terry’s reaction when he finds out Derek Powers’ true intentions will surely be memorable, but will he end up siding with Bruce Wayne, or fighting against him?


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