Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1 Review

Writers: Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art: Max Dunbar and Sebastian Cheng

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: April 5th, 2022

Reviewer: Jamie Robinson

It’s hard to believe that two comics based on the Batman Beyond animated series are being released at the same time, the other being Batman: Beyond the White Knight. Both approach the characters in a new way and give a unique take on the Beyond-verse.

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In Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1, Bruce Wayne has died (following events that occurred in Batman Urban Legends #7) and it’s up to Terry McGinnis to carry on his legacy as the Batman of the future and figure out who is behind the chaos in Neo-Gotham.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1 introduces some new villains that seem like the perfect fit in the Beyond-verse. It was a schway creative decision to have Terry narrate the story through a journal entry, to avoid being detected by the rogue computer. It obvious that it harkens back to popular stories such as Batman Year One.  There’s even a line spoken by Terry that is reminiscent of a recent debacle at a certain awards show, though it’s doubtful that’s intentional on the part of the writers.

It may be jarring to some readers to see Terry as Batman without the guidance of Bruce Wayne, but at the same time, it gives room to explore the character more apart from Bruce’s shadow. The major thing that stands out is Terry’s determination to keep fighting, proving that he is keeping the legacy of Batman alive by never giving up.


The art is very well done in Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1. There are some great panels featuring bursts of energy during fight scenes. Also, the style of Neo-Gotham from the animated series is captured very well. Commissioner Barbara Gordon looks pretty much identical to her animated counterpart as well.  

Additionally, readers will spot characters at the beginning that are most likely “splicers” (a term from the show which means “humans with synthetic animal DNA”) but it seems like these particular characters may also be influenced by another futuristic DC title, that of Jack Kirby’s Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth. If that was intentional, it is clever on the part of the artist to give a shout-out to another DC title set in an alternate future.


This was an intriguing first issue and leaves the reader wanting more. Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1 has an element of mystery, such as it is still not clear as to the identity of the assassin whom Terry fights near the end of this issue, or who or what the computer taking over the city really is.  It could be possible the computer is H.A.R.D.A.C. from Batman the animated series. Although this comic doesn’t seem to be strictly set in the DC Animated Universe, it does pull a lot of influences from there, so it could be possible.

The thing that could be exciting for Beyond fans, given that there are two titles featuring Terry McGinnis, is that it could be possible the increasing popularity for Beyond could potentially lead to some sort of revitalization for the show down the road, whether a reboot, a movie, or live-action TV show, that is if enough fans are interested in these comics. In any event, this series sure seems to be pretty schway so far!



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