Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 Review

Writers: Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing
Art: Max Dunbar and Sebastian Cheng (colorist)
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 22nd, 2023

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Picking up from where we left off last issue, Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 sees Terry face the original Killer Croc. This version of the reptilian rapscallion has mutated into a giant lizard creature, almost like a dinosaur. The story makes it clear that it is indeed the original Killer Croc and that the original Batman had trapped him somehow and forced him guard something. The story does a good job of showing Terry unsure about the motives of his late mentor. Furthermore, the hostility between Lumos and Beam Boonma may remind some readers of the Batman: the Animated Series episode, “Appointment in Crime Alley” when corrupt businessman Roland Daggett wanted to tear down the neighborhood. There’s even dialogue from the local citizenry that parallels dialogue from that episode.

Also, it’s similar to the tension between Bruce Wayne and Derek Powers, when Powers attempted to level the same area in an episode of Batman Beyond. There’s also an instance where Kyle the Catboi displays magic powers. How might he have acquired magic? Could it have been through Dr. Fate, John Constantine, someone else, or on his own?


The art in Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 remains consistent with what we’ve seen before in terms of style. Dunbar does a fantastic job reimagining Killer Croc as a mutated Godzilla-like creature, making him a sizeable threat to Batman. The panels which show the enormity of Croc truly capture how fearsome he has become. The explosions really stick out and pop off the page as well. The light show that Lumos put on along with the reveal on the final page show the contrasting themes of light versus darkness and may provide some clues as to Lumos’ associations.


Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #2 continues an intriguing story presenting new characters and familiar characters in a new way. Killer Croc’s revamp is epic and he presents a true threat to Batman. There are even more mysteries to be uncovered next issue, such as the big reveal at the end of this issue, and who might be involved with it. There could also be more to the magic Catboi as well that could play a larger role in the story.


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