Are You Afraid of Darkseid #1 Review

Writers: Kenny Porter (Bloody Mary) & Calvin Kasulke

Art: Max Dunbar (Bloody Mary) & Rob Guillory (Backseat Killer)

Colors: Luis Guerrero (Bloody Mary & Backseat Killer)

Letters: Becca Carey (Bloody Mary) Simon Bowland (Backseat Killer)
Publisher: DC
Price: $9.99
Release Date: 10/5/2021
Reviewer: Soycornholio

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Are You Afraid of Darkseid?

FINALLY, one of the big comic companies is playing on the spooky season with their comics! Thus far, DC has been killing it. We have a new vampire book, a zombie book, and the multi collaboration one-shot Are you Afraid of Darkseid? There were so many great mini tales in this comic, that I had to narrow it down to my favorite two. Dare to take a journey with me?

*Spoilers to follow*

Bloody Mary:

I am a major fan of classic Harley Quinn. Like Batman the Animated Series Harley with the jester outfit. This new design for Harley never really spoke to me until I read Bloody Mary with art by Max Dunbar. Harley is drawn pretty darn well in her new outfit (special shoutout to the slip-on slippers). The story itself was quite amusing. Porter takes the urban legend of Bloody Mary and mixes it with DC’s version of the galactic vampire. With a guest appearance from Darkseid (I never realized how much he reminds me of Apocalypse from Marvel), this was a highlight read.

Backseat Killer:

So, have you ever heard of the legend of the backseat killer? A (family, single driver, etc.) is driving home late one night, and a pickup truck starts following them and turns on the high beams now and then. Scared, the driver races home and asks the truck driver, why were following them. The truck driver informs the driver that there was a killer in the backseat, and every time they tried to kill the driver, he turned on his high beams. That is a very rough breakdown, but you should get the gist of it.

The same story is taken but married with a Batman and Mad Hatter spin in Are You Afraid of Darkseid?. Do I like it? Yes actually, quite a lot. Whereas it’s not exactly new, it was interesting to see another myth take place in Gotham City.

Final Thoughts:

Are You Afraid of Darkseid? is the perfect October one shot. DC should continue to play in this arena. The stories are self-contained and spin on a few classic urban legends. I would recommend this comic to anyone who wants to take a break from the storylines or enjoys DC-tinged horror like myself!


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