Amazing Spider-Man #61 Review

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Patrick Gleason

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Cover Artist: Patrick Gleason & Edgar Delgado

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

So, Peter Parker has been through a lot lately. He found out his best friend’s trying to kill him. Again. His loved ones were attacked. Again. And he’s in the crosshairs between Norman Osborn and Kingpin. Again. But there’s a light at the end of this tunnel for the webhead and Amazing Spider-Man #61 is here to show what’s on the other side.

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Okay, for anyone who wanted to get more of the Kindred storyline, that’s being put to the side for now. Peter’s got a new suit and new problems to deal with. This issue shows off Peter getting back into the swing of things, fighting crime and stopping supervilains robbing a bank. We get to see Gleason’s art of Spidey in his new suit. Not a big fan of the suit itself, it kinda makes him look like a Power Ranger. Mind you, I love the Power Rangers but the suit doesn’t scream Spider-Man, at least to this reviewer.

The comic is more of an introduction to telling where Peter’s life is right now and who’re the main players for the upcoming story arc Nick Spencer is writing. In this case, it’s Kingpin, Tombstone, Robbie Robertson, their kids, and Boomerang. The work Spencer’s put into Boomerang’s relationship with Peter Parker as a civilian and as Spider-Man is actually pretty fun and wholesome, and it looks like Spencer is planning to capitalize on it.

Overall, this comic is more setup as it shows what the next story arc will be for Spider-Man and what’s to come in the next few issues.


So, there are two things I’m worried about for this arc. First, the Romeo and Juliet-style setup Spencer is setting up as he’s spotlighting the rivalry between Tombstone and Robbie Robertson will be heating up while their kids are dating. The problem isn’t the Romeo and Juliet angle, it’s the potential execution since his work with Janice Lincoln aka The Beetle in the Syndicate story arc was pretty mild, to me. Especially since Boomerang is being propped as the big target on all the villain’s radar which means it’s likely we’ll see them again. And that means we’ll be getting some more “I hate Boomerang” jokes again. But if you like that, then you’re likely going to get more.

Second, the new direction with Spider-Man’s suit. My issue isn’t with the suit, it’s the origin of how Peter gets it from his new job and where Spencer is going with it. The suit is basically live-streaming Spider-Man’s fights to viewers around the world. They even send him comments from viewers to say while he’s fighting. Not to mention the millennial-style humor he throws in is pretty dull. However, the only good thing I like about it is the fact that J. Jonah Jameson is talking directly to him through the suit. There’s potential for good humor there.

Final Thoughts

Amazing Spider-Man #61 is pretty much setup for the next story arc. The comic shows the main players and gives glimpses of what’s at stake in this comic. Of course, there’s Spider-Man’s new suit which is shown off with Gleason’s art and Delgado’s colors, though, the mileage will vary on how fans like it. We’ll see what Spencer and Gleason have in store for fans in this new story arc.


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