Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art: Clayton Henry
Colors:  Jordie Bellaire
Letters:  Wes Abbott
Publisher:  DC Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 2nd, 2023

Last issue, Jon Kent unknowingly landed on Earth-49 (the Injustice Earth where Superman killed The Joker).  This issue, in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3, the Injustice Superman gives him a hearty welcome.  It’s a look at Earth-49 through Jon Kent’s eyes.  But will he like what he sees?

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The Story

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3 continues immediately after last issue’s shocking ending, as the Earth-49 Superman instantly takes a liking to Jon.  As the issue progresses, you come to realize that Earth-49 Superman sees Jon like the son he never had (due to the Joker of this Earth killing Lois Lane). It’s always fun seeing alternate Earth versions of the characters we know and love.   Seeing Earth-49 through Jon’s eyes is even more enjoyable.  Since Red Tornado, Jon’s only way to get back home, was sent to The Phantom Zone last issue, Jon’s stuck here, so this entire issue has Jon getting accustomed to this new Earth.  One scene where Jon meets the Lex Luthor of Earth-49, who’s MUCH different from Lex Luthor on dear old Earth-Prime, is hilarious because Jon doesn’t realize this is a different Lex Luthor.

In one translation of Homer’s “The Odyssey”, the first line reads “Tell me about a complicated man”.  Well, Earth-49’s Superman fits the bill.  He’s definitely a complicated man, with a darkness about him, a deep sadness, but very rarely the fabled Superman hope and optimism peeks through.  He’s a man who can’t move on with his life, a man who’s obsessed with maintaining order so what happened to Lois never happens to anyone else.  What’s worse is that he’s downright creepy.   He’s a fascinating take on Superman, a Superman that’s had everything he held dear taken from him, and he’s a fascinating character. I loved the interaction between he and Jon, but even more interesting was a scene between Superman and Wonder Woman.  These two are far different from the Earth-Prime Superman and Wonder Woman, of course, and they have an adversarial relationship.  They don’t restrain from tearing into each other and their scene here really shows how much darker Earth-49 is. Overall, this is another great issue of the series and as Jon gets more aware of what’s REALLY going on with this Earth, it’ll be interesting to see what direction he takes next.

The Art

Clayton Henry’s art on Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3 conveys so much through the expressions of the characters.  Jon Kent’s innocence and Earth-49 Superman’s pain show through every panel. You can feel the burden weighing on Superman, the constant need for order and control.  In some cases, you don’t need dialogue boxes to tell what the characters are thinking or saying.

Final Thoughts

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3 continues the “Countdown to Injustice” story in grand fashion, as Jon tours Earth-49 and we get reacquainted with Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the other heroes of that Earth. Recommended.


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