Young Justice: Targets #4 Review

Writer: Greg Weisman

Artist: Christopher Jones

Colorist: Jason Wright

Letterer: Wes Abbott

Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewer: StoryBabbler

The mission continues as Queen Perdita is missing again and no one knows where she is. But the Young Justice Team discovered who’s footing the bill for the kidnapping – Lex Luthor. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle and while the Justice League and the Team are conducting their own missions, the Outsiders getting into the action too in Young Justice: Targets #4!


Like clockwork, the comic wastes no time in getting readers up to speed on prior events with a reliable newscaster for succinct recap. Kind of wish more comic book writers in Marvel and DC would take advantage of that more often. Everyone in the Team is doing their thing connecting the dots and putting the pieces in this puzzle together and of course gearing up for action. As the cover shows, the main team in the spotlight this issue is the Outsiders for the most part.


The comic ties into the first issue with the opening conversation between Beast Boy and Stargirl and heads directly into the action. Like in previous issues, Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones manage to show off all of the main heroes’ powers and personalities in action. The same goes for the supervillains who show up in the issue as well as you get to see everyone get a piece of the action.


There are some shocking surprises in the comic that relate to both the wider plot that easily feeds into the action going on in the comic. There are definitely some surprise reveals in the comic that fans of both the Young Justice show and DC Comics will be able to appreciate.

Then there’s the third part of the Green Arrow backup story. This story continues to be fun as Green Arrow rescuing Perdita while trying to deal with Merlyn gives me vibes of Die Hard 2. Now, this one doesn’t have too much happen compared to the last few issues but there’s enough to keep in you suspense on how Green Arrow gets out of it.

Final Thoughts:

Young Justice: Targets #4 continues the action with the heroes on their way to rescue Perdita. The comic wastes little time getting right into the action and provides fun superhero battles with some surprise character reveals. Once again the story, writing, and art really come together, and it feels like things are ramping up by the end of the issue’s end.


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