Sweetie Candy Vigilante #3 Review

Writer: Suzanne Cafiero
Art: Jeff Zornow and Ned Ivory
Letters: Ned Ivory
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 14th, 2022

For anyone who loved issues 1 and 2, Sweetie Candy Vigilante #3 delivers the goods yet again, giving not only her origin story, but also revealing her arch-nemesis.  It’s all told by Candy Wolf, Sweetie’s sugar-addicted lycanthropic right-hand man, and it adds another layer to this wonderful series, which combines the pop-art sensibilities of an Archie Comic with the brutal bloody action of a grindhouse film and is endlessly imaginative.

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The Story

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #3 continues filling in Sweetie’s background wonderfully.  The first three issues of the series have been a master class in establishing a character and their universe. After reading these first three issues, you’ll know everything you need to know about Sweetie’s powers and abilities, the powers of her companions, her purpose and her stomping grounds.  Yet there’s still enough mystery to the character that it leaves a lot to look forward to as the series rolls on.

I’ve enjoyed diving into the world of this book each issue, and her companions (including Candy Wolf and her new recruit Pixie Stix) are fun characters in their own right.  I could see a spin-off book with any of these characters that would just as enjoyable.  I personally would love to see a Candy Wolf series.

What I love most about the series are the seemingly infinite number of candy-themed weapons and vehicles that fill every page.  Every page is drenched in eye-popping color.  One scene this issue is LITERALLY eye-popping and when the action is vicious, there’s no holding back on the gore.

Sweetie’s origin story is interesting, similar to many other heroes’ origins but with some unique twists.  It makes me look forward to seeing more of Sweetie in action, wielding her candy-themed weapons against her arch-nemesis, who’s dark and down-to-Earth nature is a perfect counterpoint to Sweetie’s more fantasy-style background.

The Art

Jeff Zornow and Ned Ivory’s art and colors on Sweetie Candy Vigilante #3 burst with color and style. I’ve loved Sweetie’s design since the beginning.  She looks like a cross between Harley Quinn and a vampire, and she’s loaded down with candy-themed weapons.  It’s a great and simple design that’s very effective and striking.

As we see Sweetie’s origin this issue, the art conveys a wonderful feeling of nostalgia, and we see Sweetie and the world around her change over time.  As Sweetie gets brighter, the world around her gets darker, so by the time the book reaches the present, New York is depicted as an almost hellish place, which lends a great atmosphere to the book.

Final Thoughts

Sweetie Candy Vigilante #3 is another fantastic issue of a series that I hope continues for a long time.   I feel the series and the character are strong enough to potentially form a whole universe of books, much like Mike Mignola’s Hellboy universe.  Highly recommended.


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