Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7 Review

Writer: Daniel Jose Older

Art: Harvey Tolibao

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 18, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7 – “Mission to Bilbousa Part 2” written by Daniel Jose Older with artwork by Harvey Tolibao features Jedi Padawan Farzala Tarabal. After “The Vessel,” is attacked, Farzala finds himself locked in a cage, dealing with his own internal struggles and fears. Meanwhile, Jabba The Hutt continues his cunning plan to sabotage Skaraboa The Hutt, by deceiving him into thinking the Jedi are not there to help them defeat the Drengir. 


Overall, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7 is an enjoyable story that has both action and character development. It looks into the mind of Padawan Farzala as he struggles with his own personal fear. The action in the comic is very straightforward as the Jedi and Padawans battle the Drengir and saboteurs. However, the real gem here is the character development of Farzala as he sits in a cage as a prisoner and recounts his years as a youngling. His obsession with former Jedi Master Tal Bota leads him to compare himself to his former hero which brings about feelings of insecurity and fear. It’s not until he learns the true meaning of “overcoming fear” from Jedi Master Obratuk Glii, that he is able to free himself from the cage as well as his fears. The overall lesson in this story becomes clear that the answer to overcoming fear is not just for Padawans, but for us in the real world too. As Obratuk Glii puts it… “Fear is not the enemy… It is one of the great teachers. Each time we feel fear… it is an opportunity to become better at overcoming fear.” A great message for us all. The artwork by Harvey Tolibao is well done and consistent throughout. The style, layouts, and coloring all add to the overall enjoyment of the story. 


Although Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #7  is specifically written for younger readers, it has an underlying message for us all. It’s an enjoyable, fun, straightforward story that most Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures fans will enjoy. New readers should start by reading Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6 first before picking up this issue. 


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