Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6 Review

Writer: Daniel Jose Older

Art: Harvey Tolibao & Pow Rodrix

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: July 21, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6 – “Mission to Bilbousa Part 1” written by Daniel Jose Older with artwork by Harvey Tolibao & Pow Rodrix features Jedi Padawans Farzala & Qort. The Nehil have been temporarily subdued. Now, Farzala & Qort are sent with Jedi Master Obratuk to Bilbousa, Nal Hutta, on a diplomatic mission meeting with the Hutts, who are in a battle with the Drengir (a vicious plant creature taking over the galaxy). Unfortunately, the young padawans soon find themselves having to take charge as Master Jedi Obratuk (being a Parwan) enters into a state of hibernation.   


Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6 begins a new story arc. I really enjoyed the previous storyline (Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures) and was a little disappointed that the new arc doesn’t feature Zeen, Lula, or Krix. That being said, this issue has some very unique and interesting characters: Master Jedi Obratuk, Qort, Gedde (who looks like a tombstone) & Skarabda the Hutt – just to name a few. And although I thought the direction of the story was straightforward, writer Daniel Jose Older managed to put together a script that leaves many different possible directions in future issues. The artwork by Tolibao & Rodrix was well done for a series that is trying to appeal to “younger readers.” It was consistent throughout. Finally, it is worth mentioning that I also like how IDW designates a page entitled “Galactic Data File” in each issue, which gives specific information related to the story to help readers better understand the characters and the world they live in.       


Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6 is a decent start to a new storyline. It didn’t blow me away, but there is enough here to get this reviewer to come back to see what happens next. If you’ve been reading this series – check it out. If you’re a new reader, you may be a little confused by the characters. I would suggest starting with some other Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures to familiarise yourself with this period in the Star Wars mythos.   


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