Shadowman #3 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn 

Art: Jon Davis-Hunt

Publisher: Valiant Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: June 23, 2021

Reviewed by: Glimmer

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Shadowman #3 written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jon Davis-Hunt is the second installment in the new Valiant Entertainment Shadowman series. The focus of this issue is the “Loa” – what they are and what they do. Shadowman (along with Baron Samedi) sets out to discover who killed the Oracle woman Mama Cecile and why the “blights” are spreading. After a confrontation with “The Pallbearer” and the “Loa Killers,” Shadowman learns the secret about the Deadside Loa.   


Shadowman #3 is another enjoyable issue in the series. Cullen Bunn continues to give us interesting stories that are fun, exciting, and thought-provoking. The artwork by Jon Davis-Hunt is consistent and the perfect style for this type of book. Once again, I must mention how much I enjoy the synopsis given by Baron Samedi on the first page as he “breaks the fourth wall ” – very cool.

The detail in the artwork and various layouts of the pages also need to be commended, as they really add to the overall enjoyment of the story. The covers by Jon Davis-Hunt, Tyler Kirkham, Erica Henderson & Robbi Rodriguez are all very well done. 


Shadowman #3 is well worth the price of admission. Current readers of the series will not be disappointed. It is also a good issue for new readers to jump aboard. 


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