Seven Secrets #13 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor

Illustrated by: Daniele Di Niculo
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Colored by: Walter Baimonte
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 19, 2022
Reviewer: JR Huitt


Seven Secrets #13 arrived this week from Boom! Studios. Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo have kicked off the next story arc. This will be the third story in this excellent ongoing tale. Let’s dive into Seven Secrets #13 and see if it maintains the highs of the previous issues.

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Seven Secrets #13 is the first part of the next story arc in the series. Because of this, Tom Taylor spends most of the issue setting up beats that should pay off in future issues. Additionally, one thing that I’ve really enjoyed about this issue is how Taylor used the first three pages to set up the endgame for Caspar. By revealing what is going to happen, he’s put the reader in a position of trying to figure out where the story will go to justify the revealed outcome.


Seven Secrets #13 is a gorgeous book. Daniele Di Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte definitely have all their cheat codes enabled. Anytime that you’ve got an issue that covers a large amount of ground (there are six location changes), there is always a risk of seeing repetitive artwork. However, with the breaks between story arcs, and Di Nicuolo’s actual talent, that hasn’t been the case (nor does it look like it will ever be).


Seven Secrets #13 is a solid next step. However, it is not a great jumping-on point. And it shouldn’t be. I firmly believe that people should be rewarded for the time that they’ve invested in something. I don’t want to be spoon-fed everyone’s back story each time that a new issue comes out. Fortunately, this isn’t something that Tom Taylor does in this issue. I can’t wait for the next issue to see what comes next!


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