Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 Review

Writer: Brandon Easton

Artist: Simone Ragazzoni

Colorist: Bryan Valenza

Letterer: Deron Bennett

Cover Artists: Inhyuk Lee; Derrick Chew; Simone Ragazzoni; Josh Burcham; Nahuel Grego;

Publisher: Titan Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 2, 2023

Five years after the destruction of the Super Dimensional Fortresses SDF-1 and SDF-2 by the Zentraedi warlord Khyron, the United Earth Government decides to explore deep space to learn more about the aliens and their Robotech Masters. In a stirring ceremony, Senator Moran promotes Captain Rick Hunter to the rank of Major General and assigns him to lead the expedition. Despite his daring exploits, Rick yearns to put the war behind him and devote his future to exploration. Will he achieve peaceful coexistence with Earth’s neighbors? Let’s fly into Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 and find out!

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Soon after the ceremony, Zentraedi terrorists attack Japan. Rick wishes they could have intervened, but they are decommissioning their aging fleet faster than the next-generation prototypes roll off the assembly line. His friend Commander Stirling—stationed on the Robotech Factory Satellite—calls but gets interrupted by General Anatole Leonard of the Southern Cross. The rogue Zentraedi hiding in Australia possess the last remaining Hyperspace Fold Engines anywhere near Earth. Leonard tasks Rick with finding the stolen battleship and bringing the Hyperspace engines home.

Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 throws a lot of information at you quickly. Along with the state of the Veritech development, there are also politics and personal agendas. The discovery of Rick’s lost journal further enriches the story as it reminds him of his late brother Roy. I enjoyed Rick’s childhood memories and the life lessons he took from them. Still, as I know little about the franchise, I wished Easton had concentrated on bringing me up to speed on What’s Happening Now and saved the experiences that shaped Rick until later.


The first page of Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 shows scenes from the war that Humanity is still recovering from. Present Day scenes crackle with energy, whether they portray Zentraedi Battle Pods and Power Armor attacking Yokohama or Rick and Grant running through their base. Some page composition and camera views may demand concentration. Rick and Stirling’s youth contrasts with their lofty responsibilities, but they’re appealing characters that young readers will like.

Bryan Valenza’s appealing colors bring personality to characters and settings, although the tones lean more toward gray than I’d prefer. Thus, when Simone Ragazzoni packs pages with visuals, colors blend more than contrast. While fun and energetic, Deron Bennett’s sound effects could also contrast more. The uppercase black lettering in white dialogue balloons seems a little small. Older readers—or those who stare at computers all day or stress their eyes by not getting enough sleep—should schedule Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 for a morning briefing.

Final Thoughts

While we yearn to follow our dreams, we must first address everyday demands. Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 suggests we focus on our footsteps as we tread the rocky road toward our destination.


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